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This is the first time I'm sharing this circle - It's my #Dunbar  circle's_number

They're quite an eclectic bunch (which is why I can't do without their content and banter) on a day-to-day basis.

If you haven't met them on G+ yet - be sure to say hello to them :)

As a follow up to this, create a #DunbarCircle  and add a link in the comments below - for the people you couldn't do without.

NOTE No precise value has been proposed for Dunbar's number. It has been proposed to lie between 100 and 230, with a commonly used value of 150

So you can decide how many plussers are in yours :)

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Thanks for the circle share :D
+Lee Smallwood I don’t think I’ve ever been indispensable before (!) thanks for the great honour and happy Friday  :-)
I have tried to cull my own circles as I am not keeping up with everybody but there is nobody I can do without, maybe I’m a greedy #Dunbar !
+Eileen O'Duffy Ha ha ha that made me chuckle ( Greedy Dunbar) perhaps we'll see that in the Urban dictionary soon... ;)
Hahahahaha!  I love this idea!!

I'd have to do a modified version, however, as several of my can't-live-withouters detest being shared around.. :-)
+Marc Jansen  - well, that case ... put them in their own circle and only share it once :D

I guess I really ought to do a few Circle shares of my own.
Which will be tedious, as I don't actually use Circles.
Still, not to bad, as I think I only circled 170 or so people (I'm really picky! :D)
Thanks for the compliment, Lee.
Lost for words Lee. Thanks buddy :)
Thanks so very much, mate! It's a great honour to be in your Dunbar circle :) Have a great weekend, Lee!
I did get my csv files -- but how do I get them to display me a circle?? add all those profile numbers by hand??

wow - never thought I would be in a "eclectic bunch" circle, thanks +Lee Smallwood 
Never before in my life I was a Dunbar number +Lee Smallwood but honored to be one the chosen 150. 
Need to think about the difficult choices to create my own Dunbar circle...
+Chris Macidis oh -- an extension for chrome :( 
maybe I'll do it the hard way and select them singly in the end............
i love circles with only a few peeps in it +Lee Smallwood ... that indicates that some care and attention has gone into curating it ... i'm honoured, that i made it into this special dunbar circle of yours ... ;-) ...
While I was pretty sure people in general can't do without me I didn't really expect them to come out and admit it. Thanks for the inclusion. ;)
Thank you for the inclusion, Lee :) x
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