I've got a spare #IngressInvite

But rather than run the normal first person to comment thing, I'm going to do the following:

Who do you know on G+ most deserves to have it and why?

1. You can't nominate yourself
2. See rule 1.
3. I will select the winner based on 'why you think' they deserve it
4. Comments left by blue heads will not be included
5. Nominees with blue heads will not be included (if you're currently a blue head upload a profile photo - simple!

Good luck!

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+Tori T deserves it, because it will encourage her to spend time with her horrible nerd-father.
Well, I would nominate my friend Alicia ( +Alicia Darling ) because I got her interested in the game, but don't have an invite to give her.

She is adorable and it would provide motivation to exercise (we'll be walking in the city mostly - good for the environment) so she can live a long and productive nerd life. She works from home, so something to get her out of the house would be appreciated.

She made me watch Doctor Who, so the least I can do is try to help her get an invite for Ingress. :P

Also, she agreed to dress up as Chell so we can induce portalception and portal while we portal and spread geeky joy around the world, or at least a 20km radius.
+ilke eriz  deserves it. because he introduce the game to me as a break through of the online gaming world. He said that Google and the Niantic team will surely be the pioneers of new era of interactive gaming and social network with this invention. I said wow and submitted. Now I had a code and started to get advanced on game but, he's still waiting an activation code hopefully.
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