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Love the #PeakAndFlow  on the new Z10 from +BlackBerry 

A game changer for RIM?
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+Daniel Börresen I am an 'ex BB' fan (my pre Apple  #fanboy  days )

So I can appreciate what RIM have done here - it's such an improvement from the the OS on the Storm - which was actually what made me ditch BlackBerry - but it actually looks like some thought has gone into OS10
Well, now BB looks like "any other" smartphone... 
They were ahead of their time with email and so on but now, when there are iPhones and Androids, why choose BB?
I mean, for me, who have had Android since summer of 2009, the video failed to impress me (especially the specs part: "loads of RAM and loads of internal storage")
lol peak and flow looks like the nearly same feature on the Ubuntu OS
"Loads" is a technical term right? As far as I gathered the processor clocks at 1.5GHz dual core and it has 2GB RAM. I currently only have a developer phone which is pretty stripped down but I can't say the OS is very impressive. Hopefully the release version got tweaked a bit.

I'm very curious how bb10 will look on playbooks though.
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