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Well, first day back at work today after the dreaded flu...

I never want to feel like that ever again... 

So, Happy New Year (belated) to everyone and hope you're all fit and well
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Good to see/hear that you survived.

Whilst you've been out of contact, the monkeys have taken over france, The USA has become a demilitaralised zone, Iraq has developed the largest Cadburies plant in the world, and I won 4 golds in teh winter olympics.........
Well, lets face it - the monkeys aren't going to make that much difference :D

But getting 4 golds was a major surprise :D
Good to have you back! Happy New Year! :)
Oh gosh.. It's been a terrible one this winter flu, hasn't it. All of us had it too and I've still got blocked ears and a remnant cough
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