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I was watching on the news tonight... To say how sad this makes me is an understatement

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I'm right there with you +Lee Smallwood . I just hope the US stays out of making statements, but that's highy unlikely. In 2008-2009 I found the US's one-sidedness appalling. The entire division of these 2 peoples, who get along perfectly well in cities like San Francisco, and travel back and forth to their home countries, keeps escalating every time the U.S. inserts itself. But that may not be your view.
There hasn't been a solution since Abraham and Sarah.  
I don't expect one now, regardless of who butts in or out. 
That's sad +Christy Sandhoff. You should meet teens and people in their 20's from Israel and Palestine who come to San Francisco both to visit family, and sometimes to live. In some cases I've known people who grew up in different sections of Jerusalem, but who, unlike you, are sick and tired of the entire thing, and do not put any energy at all into the divisions; they only want peace; they find the entire scenario ridiculous. And it's that degree of distance and indifference they have toward the politicization of their official State's differences with each other that foresees a time when it will not be supported within their homelands. Again, IF American groups butted out. The biggest factor is: but they don't and won't. Which perpetuates the bigoted view that Palestinians = Hamas, Hamas = Palestinians, stoking the will to destroy.
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