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Getting a bit arty with the new addition to the family :)
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Lee (+Lee Smallwood), Hmmm ... it would in"deed", be most àpropos, to accompany with a robust bank of Marshall(s) ‽‽‽ Regards, Randy
Looks good my friend. What kinda pickups it got?
+Ryan Van Sickle it sounds and plays like a dream... I'll need to do a bit of set up at the weekend (fret dressing mainly) and take a bit of the laquer off the back of the neck - other than that the tone is amazing
+Clifton Farmer I prefer Orange amps - they sound fantastic with my Gretsch and coupled with IK multimedia ( #Amplitube  and iRig stomp) this new addition can recreate any other rig (pretty much) :)
Lee (+Lee Smallwood), So ... subject to the genre, you potentially craft, I will assume you don your leaden knickers, and put away any fur bearing animals, before you plug. Regards, Randy
Lee (+Lee Smallwood), Hmmm ... as a humble disciple of the Pythonesque, I do indeed know when I have been out"cheek"ed. Regards, Randy
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