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A warm welcome back to +Lyndon NA :)
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Thank you for the share.

Once I have the details of what I'll be facing, I'll post it (I get this awful feeling I'll be stitched :D)
Ahem cough cough - would I stitch you up ;)
You might not (on a good day :D) .. but +Jim Munro ... I know he's got a mean streak and a wicked, cruel sense of humour....
C'mon - I value the time guys contribute very much. There is no way in the wide wide world that I would stitch any of you up, let alone Auto. :)
So, I get all easy questions, with the answers already?
Cool :D
Are you still on painkillers? :)

Seriously, I already know that there is no such thing as a hard question for you, mate. All I'm asking is that you keep in mind that we aren't talking SEO to SEO, this is a jargon-free zone for people like me. :)
I prefer to do the non-techy-jargon stuff ... I actually detest all the labels and pretty terms (I'm a simple farm boy at heart ;)).
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