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OMFingG ...

We've just had BT #Infinity  installed and it is incredible 80MB download 20MB upload - HOs here we come :D
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Yea, +Lee Smallwood - I tried that too, except BT Fibre engineers fucked it up so badly I was left with no Internet connection for 2 weeks! Not sure I'm going to re-attempt it anytime soon. Will just stay happy with 15 MB
+stephanie wanamaker they're a customer service nightmare! When things work, they're good. But if you need to change anything, it's a right challenge!
+Farhad Divecha they are the phone company right? Bell is a nightmare here as well wont use them for anything other than landline  rogers cable actually pretty good customer service  but  virgin mobile is best company for cell phone the others charge system access fees and $35 activation fees
Yes. British Telecom. They pretty much monopolised the landline and Internet market in the UK till 5 years ago
Yes... that monopolistic attitude still lingers
+Lee Smallwood i forget but download speeds high upoad speeds low  i can stream netflix and do hangouts  just fine and download tv shows in 20 minutes  movies take forever so i mostly stream or buy dvds
+Farhad Divecha yeah it is... it's been a struggle for the last 8 weeks - we've been working off mobile broadband - as we didn't have a phone line in the new house - and that was like pulling teeth oO

Hence, no hangouts
+stephanie wanamaker yeah, I hear that hun... netflix was ok - as long as I wasn't doing anything else...

But I didn't want to wait 20days to download one movie :D
+Lee Smallwood but you can do hangouts now?  Without cable company i wouldnt have highspeed internet either bell freaked out because we had  a landline phone on the wall  not cordless still and didnt want  extra work
+Lee Smallwood well  things happened they got tired of me phoning every month when I got my bill  to see if there was a deal   the  other thing was my family  been dealing with them 40 years and never late paying either cable or internet bill once  so they  gave us a deal that would shut us up!
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