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I would've completely lost control of my bodily functions here...
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Chances are he was already moving to avoid the on comming car, not reacting to the crash.
If you look at when the oncoming vehicle becomes visible, the timing is about right for swerving to avoid "that", rather than the collision.
There was no indication of braking or excessive swerving.
So either tthey are used to crashes, work out the physics damned fast, reacted naturally or responded to something before the crash.

Only the driver can tell us ... anyone know if there is a write up for this?
He doesn't react until the collision.  Watch the way the camera jerks after the car in front is hit.  There's nothing supernatural about his reaction speed either, and his only "pregaming" was the fact that he had about a 3 second following distance on the car infront of him. 

Stop trolling.
Since when is someone holding a different view trolling?
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