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Just for fun...

Well we've been running some 'off the wall' crawls using some new +NOD3x functionality. And I decided to try and see what it would do with a Google search result rather than a web URL - the result is the attached screen shot...

each cluster is a result in Google which NOD3x then goes off and indexes the site to a specified depth...

There's a bunch of interesting results that my brain isn;t quite up to speed with after the flu - but it's definitely grabbed my attention ;)
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Lee, let me get this right. This is the visualisation of the ten links that come up on a Google search query result? Sorry to hear about the flu BTW, that is never a lot of fun.
Haha looks like what's growing in my reef aquarium right now.. Lol... Thanks sweetie for sharing.. Have a great day!!.. Hugs MUAH ~ ALISA 
+Alisa Matter if you have that growing in your aquarium I think you need to change the water ;) x
I was thinking it was the virus causing your cold Lee.

It's certainly interesting especially those outliers.
+Lee Smallwood Thank you. That added some clarity to the visualisation. Really insightful, thank you for sharing. 
+Lee Smallwood.. Lol.. Not those plankton.. Lol.. But thanks for the laugh!!.. HUGS.. MUAH ~ ALISA :P 
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