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This may well be me after I try the Galaxy S3 o.O

EDIT: unboxing vid of the Samsung Galaxy S3 cracking looking phone can't wait to try it...

Samsung Galaxy S3 unboxing event - Vodafone UK
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Ha that is awesome! Supposedly the Galaxy S3 is going to be released in London today... And it looks HOT!
Still waiting for the ICS update for my S2....
The force is strong with this one
"Sergey, I am your father!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOO! That can't be true. That's impossible."
"Search your feelings. You know it to be true. Come with me and together we can defeat Microsoft. We can rule the [Samsung] Galaxy [S3] together as father and son."
"I'll never join you!"
Nice... I love the little green droid guy! And yes, some day, the evil Apple Empire will be toppled and peace can rule across the Galaxy... ( or Razr, or Nexus, or Rezound... ) +Mellie B <-- tag - you're it.
but I already tagged you

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