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From +Matt Cutts 

What has having your own blog taught you about SEO?

From a personal perspective:

- Posting regularly helps - LOTS
- Don't use TOO many plugins!
- Use a minimalist theme - there's less chance it'll need a major makeover
- Hire a developer to fix a theme if you don't have time to do it!
- Expect to make mistakes
- Expect others to pick you up on those mistakes!
- Share what you've learned with the community
- Don't always follow the crowd - experiment - obviously within applicable margins

What are your lessons...?

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Blogger statistics showing what people have searched for to find you is sofa king interesting. 
There are in fact a thousand things but a few for now..
- Be yourself.
- Be Open.
- Provide value.
- Share your lesson learned. (What works, what dosen't work).
- Share reports/stats (income, traffic)
above all, build a community..
learned from blogging? -- use a good title so (keywords)
so when people search they will stumble across your blog -- same goes for photos 

why the heck didn't I name them before uploading??!!
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