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Lee Smallwood

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Seeing as it's #Easter --- #Caturday
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Lee Smallwood

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Nailed it! #TrueStory :p
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Ouch is right!
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Thanks for the invitation to this community. Looking forward to being an active member.

I'm the founder of, which is a free G+ application that enables people to find influencers and engagers talking about any subject. 

I write about #DataMining  and #SocialNetworkAnalysis   over on and how to identify what people like to read and share based on the data collected and analysed. Then how to build communities and followers based on the insights.

Looking forward to getting to know you :)
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Lee Smallwood

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SEO advice... Without the fluff!

Via +Dan Petrovic

#seo #funny
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Great advice! :)
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Lee Smallwood

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Morning all :) shared just because... (!) #science  

h/t +Joe Vinson - thanks for the morning chuckle :)
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This was a good one! Thanks for sharing! 
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Have him in circles
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Lee Smallwood

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Woke up this morning to a very nice surprise thanks +Denis Labelle, honoured to be your user of the week.

My Google+ User of the Week: +Lee Smallwood  
NOD3x  founder / digital media consultant
Lee launched +NOD3x (* July '12, an online application that visualises individuals connections and engagements across Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogs and the wider web. *Free to use for all G+users. 
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So well deserved +Lee Smallwood.

Have a great weekend. 
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Lee Smallwood

Shared publicly  - Introduce Actions

"...the Web is not just about static descriptions of entities. It is about taking action on these entities --- from making a reservation to watching a movie to commenting on a post."

Today, we are excited to start the next chapter of and structured data on the Web by introducing vocabulary that enables websites to describe the actions they enable and how these actions can be invoked.

Interesting to see the future potential for search engines to return results by what a visitor is able to do on a site when they arrive there.

h/t +Bill Slawski 

When we launched almost 3 years ago, our main focus was on providing vocabularies for describing entities --- people, places, movies, restaurants, ... But the Web is not just about static descriptions of entities. ...
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I noticed that Google has accepted, and will be using, which is explained in some remarkably clear and concise videos by Manu Sporny . Also, I believe Schema were taking this on board. 
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Lee Smallwood

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Going.. Going... Gone
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Sleepy puppy!
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Raising the bar on HoA's 

If you're considering running your own hangout on air - take a look at this...! TV studio style!

#hoa   #hangoutsonair  
Launching tomorrow: the PYB show pilot! (NEW)
Here is a taste of what you will see tomorrow from the team, at 11am PST: 
And we will be looking to feature community members every week too :D
#HOA   #ReallyCool !
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Too cool. I need a backdrop too. 
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A very interesting read ... #JoiningTheDots
Vision (Connecting The Dots)
disseminating seeds: The Series - INSTL 019

When I think of Benjamin Franklin, I immediately recall the impression of his likeness on the currency of the land. But lessons of vision and perseverance while bridled by challenge, certainly go far beyond that.

Examining Benjamin Franklin, one can be impressed that he was driven, self-educated, and endlessly inventive — some might even consider him to be the classical entrepreneur. To me, Franklin was less about being an entrepreneur, and more about networking with others. He was in fact, the quintessential social media manager of his time.

All about connecting the dots.
He [Franklin] believed that if he brought people together in a relaxed atmosphere and let the conversation flow, opportunities would emerge. He set in motion a trend that the French writer Alexis de Tocqueville noted in Democracy in America, his 1835 classic assessment of the young United States,

“That nothing was as distinctive [about America] as its people’s proclivity to form associations around interests, causes, and values.”

This same vision and inspiration
to connect the dots, is something I witness each day in the likes of +David Amerland and +martin shervington  , as well as in efforts underway by +CircleCount and +NOD3x.

Men and women of such vision are a wonder to behold.  When asked by a student during a recent +Glass in the Class episode to expound on the evolution of working in groups within Google+, Martin suddenly was transformed to an almost blissful state of contemplation while gazing out from his balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean ( Like a child pondering a wrapped gift on Christmas day, his eyes light up. With the wisdom of ages before, he ponders a connectivity of people — three, five, and even ten years into the future. That future, as he discusses, is built upon #relationships . On Connecting the Dots.

Likewise, the men and women behind Circle Count and NOD3X present analytic tools. Some may see them as mere metrics measurements. Yet the vision behind these enterprises is built upon looking at the past, in order to build upon  —  Connecting the Dots.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”  This presence and state of mind probably could not forecast what the world has become today. But does it really matter that he could not see the technological advancements of the current day?

No. It is simply the mind and vision to advance forward — and CONNECT THE DOTS.

~ owen

Question: How are you making use of YOUR ABILITY to have vision and CONNECT THE DOTS?

#disseminatingseeds   #essaybyowen  
disseminating seeds 019
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Thanks a lot +Jason Robertson!

"cat.gif society"... nice one ;)
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Have him in circles
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NOD3x™ founder / digital media consultant / Editor for imassera
• Social network analysis (SNA) see +NOD3x • Devising social media strategy and implementation • Inbound marketing tactics • Permission based marketing • Mobile marketing • Direct / data / digital integration • Social marketing (social search, social signals) • Search Engine marketing (SEM) • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • QR code integration (Quick Response codes) • Market segmentation • Brand management • Campaign management, • CRM, eCRM, • A/B split testing • Multivariate testing (Taguchi) • Metrics & analytics
  • NOD3x™
    Founder, 2011 - present
    Editor, 2013 - present
  • digicoms
    Digital Media Consultant, 2010 - present
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Launched +NOD3x  ( July '12, an online application that visualises individuals connections and engagements across Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogs and the wider web. Free to use for all G+users 

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And I'll be astonished if you've read this far... but thanks if you have :)

Always up for a good chat so don't be shy - say hi ;)

Cheers for reading

Lee x

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We've used Ganderton's for both our vehicles since moving to the area. And they provide a very reliable service. They even fix an issue with a sensor from an airbag and the engine 'warning light that we had been told 'couldn't be fixed' I can highly recommend them.
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What can I say, Rick from Garret Guitars is the definition of customer service. I ordered my 22 year old PRS from him and he went out of his way to to get it to me in 2 days - so that I had it for my Gig. The guitar is excellent - and everything he said it would be - and so much more. It's always challenging when buying a guitar without even seeing it or playing it - but Rick really makes you feel secure in your purchase. I can't recommend him or Garret Guitars enough
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