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NOD3x™ founder / digital media consultant / Editor for imassera
• Social network analysis (SNA) see +NOD3x • Devising social media strategy and implementation • Inbound marketing tactics • Permission based marketing • Mobile marketing • Direct / data / digital integration • Social marketing (social search, social signals) • Search Engine marketing (SEM) • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • QR code integration (Quick Response codes) • Market segmentation • Brand management • Campaign management, • CRM, eCRM, • A/B split testing • Multivariate testing (Taguchi) • Metrics & analytics
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Joining the dots... literally!

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Coca-Cola, Audi, Financial Times, Audi, Mizuno, Nokia, Carlsberg, Island Records, Virgin, Pizza Hut, Sarah Beeny, K-Swiss, Axa, Costa Coffee, Stella Artois, Rachel's Organic, Hornby, Hollywood Bowl, May Gurney, TalkTalk, Orange, Kwik-Fit, Corsodyl, Primark, Ericsson Money, Campari, Dow Jones, Huggies.

Launched +NOD3x  ( July '12, an online application that visualises individuals connections and engagements across Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogs and the wider web. Free to use for all G+users 

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And I'll be astonished if you've read this far... but thanks if you have :)

Always up for a good chat so don't be shy - say hi ;)

Cheers for reading

Lee x

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I make a good Thai Green Curry
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Lee Smallwood

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Those that know... know! Re: a certain journalist...

Just for you +David Amerland +Eli Fennell +Dan Petrovic thought you might enjoy a chuckle :)

LMAO.....   #stupidpeople   #stupidity  
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+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales kind of... But we both share cuteness :p
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Lee Smallwood

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Interesting use of HoA - 3 camera views showing +Christian Sass doing a live drawing!

#Art   #hoa   #hangouts  
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Lee Smallwood

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I love happy beginnings

Congrats to +Charles Payet (see you tomorrow)

#strategy #nod3x
Neat Little Milestone

So I joined Google+ back in the late beta stage, and I got a Brand Page pretty soon after that when it became available, so I've been here for a bit, and really enjoying it.  Haven't done much with the Brand Page for a bit, but recently, I"ve been learning a HUGE amount from the likes of people such as +David Amerland , +Mark Traphagen , +Eric Enge , +martin shervington , +John Dietrich . +Lee Smallwood , as well as others, and I've been putting it to work.

While I won't claim that my dental office +Smiles by Payet Family Dentistry  is suddenly booming with patients, I can see at least one metric changing rapidly, and I only wish I'd taken a screen shot of it a few weeks ago for comparison with now.  It would be especially cool to see the difference with that "other" social media platform.

So website passed the 500 +1's" mark, which I just think is kind of cool, because it's been jumping up very quickly in the last month as I engage more and more from there.  I'm really looking forward to my HoA with +Mike Allton tomorrow afternoon to learn more of how to knock it out of the park.  :-)

And jeez, I've had a FB Business Page for 4 years, I think, and look where THAT is.

So a very big THANK YOU to all of you!
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They've taught me a lot too. Have fun with the HOA tomorrow. I'll be sure to watch. 
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*Example of how to use +post ads to promote your #HoA

Broadcasting Hangouts On Air across the web with +Post ads 

From world leaders such as President Obama and Chancellor Merkel connecting with constituents, to fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg debuting a collection for fans, Hangouts On Air give you a new way to have meaningful conversations with your audience. 

Last week, we announced the full availability of +Post ads to all advertisers with at least 1000+ followers ( Brands can now grow the audience of their Hangouts On Air by promoting them across the web with +Post ads. People can participate with your Hangout directly from the ad by engaging in Q&A, leaving a comment, or sharing your broadcast. 

See how +ASOS used +Post ads to reach more fashion fans before, during, and after their most recent Hangout on Air. 

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Lee Smallwood

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*If you want answers to the Semantic 'why'?" +David Amerland's got you covered

#semanticweb #seo

Semantic Search Leading us Towards a Better World

Just three years ago this notion would be right up there with rainbows, unicorns and the tooth fairy (sorry the tooth fairly really doesn't exist). Then semantic search came along and started joining up all the dots and before long who you are became as important as what you did, just like in RL. The process is only escalating. Take the jump and see how:
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+David Amerland my pleasure mate... and they really are :)
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Lee Smallwood

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Lee Smallwood

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And so to bed... I didn't realise it was 02:08am here...

Where has this week gone...(?)

Night all...
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1971 is a mean fully day time for me .. Paul McCartney - Another Day (1971) 
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Lee Smallwood

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Hes a little beaut. He certainly settled in well. Love the colour of him.
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#TechForGood - a brilliant example

h/t +Kelly Kolton
What a great use of technology to help us look out for one another! Kitestring is an online service that alerts your emergency contacts if you don't respond to its check-ups via text message or website. It's free, doesn't use GPS and it relies on your unresponsiveness to alert your emergency contacts. (Could be good to use for late-night #ingress  sessions!)
#safety   #apps   #kitestring  
Stephan Boyer, a 23-year-old MIT grad student, is one of my heroes.
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+Kelly Kolton you're welcome :) you might want to check out "Why We Need to Use #TechforGood"
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Lee Smallwood

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Lux's reaction to +Dave Besbris taking over at G+ "it's OK we can all relax" :)
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+Stephan Hovnanian ha ha ha true ;)
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Both Polly and I love the Queens Head. A traditional country pub: great food, good ale fantastic staff. Not far from Stowe and well worth going to after a walk around the national trust grounds! Highly recommended.
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We've used Ganderton's for both our vehicles since moving to the area. And they provide a very reliable service. They even fix an issue with a sensor from an airbag and the engine 'warning light that we had been told 'couldn't be fixed' I can highly recommend them.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
3 reviews
What can I say, Rick from Garret Guitars is the definition of customer service. I ordered my 22 year old PRS from him and he went out of his way to to get it to me in 2 days - so that I had it for my Gig. The guitar is excellent - and everything he said it would be - and so much more. It's always challenging when buying a guitar without even seeing it or playing it - but Rick really makes you feel secure in your purchase. I can't recommend him or Garret Guitars enough
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago