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Nice - you can extract your own DNA using a few common household ingredients!
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Between 1980 and 1986 I did that al little over 35,000 times. I got the lab notebooks to prove it. We called it a miniprep. (Actually did it on separate e.coli colonies but really the same deal except I didn't need to spit in a cup.)
John B
yes but can I manipulate my DNA at the kitchen sink to make me more clever ? :-)
This was one of the activities at our local Hackspace's grand opening! Xerocraft - Faster than the internets!
that's too cool and i agree what's with ur pic
Interesting, but what's the point? Other than being able to extract it, what is the average person going to be able to do with their DNA other than turn it over to Big Brother?
That IS Amazing, and COOL too!
Now, if I'd only know what to 'DO' with it! :-D
Oh hey, I remember learning this back in 9th grade bio. Or maybe 6th grade bio.
I remember this from 4th grade!
We did this in science class. It was cool!
wow.... have you heard of the theory of a Multi-Universe..
Might have to try this.
it's acually very cool. The other universes may not have the same dimensions as our own but, they interact with us through gravity so that is why our universe is slowly expanding at a fast rate
Don´t see much usefor this, unless NOVA teaches us a way for DIY electrophoresis, then we're talkin'!!
Very interesting and seems like it would be cool to see but I don't think I would go through all the trouble.
True, but can you sequence it at home? I can't.
very awesome i think i will try that sometime
Wait. If my Android has a dual core processor, and some nice open source developer gave us an app, and that app could access a web service that opens up a connection to the Human Genome project database, then it could be a full mobile, or at home process for little or no $.
is that truly DNA?
Anyone want to place bets on when (month and year) when we can get the app on the android marketplace, and sequence our own genome at home for under $100?
awesome! I thought it was so small that we couldn't see with naked eyes
i've always wanted to give myself a wedgy...
I just use my hand and some lotion.
And I thought all you needed was a Q-tip!
Nice little trick. The point is not to run a gel or sequence the damn thing at home but to have fun extracting genetic material, see how slimy it is and just mess around with it!
That's me? I've never looked so good!
I'm just hoping we don't learn to clone each other (humans), I don't need three hundred of me lawl
What are we gonna do with that, btw?
It is actually a very interesting way to look at your DNA! But, you cannot take a paternity test with it. Sorry!
im sorry but i did not see a thing... all i saw was clear and blue... so im guessing i will look like a blue thingy that is going like HEY LOOK IM U!...
is that her DNA or the bacteria in her mouth?
+Tim Peterson it is 99% her DNA from the epithelia cells sloughed off from her cheeks. She could get a better yield if she went in and scraped a bit. If we went and actually sequenced that DNA there would be a lot of "foreign" DNA. But not really that foreign since the flora in your mouth you carry thousands of different kinds of bacteria in your mouth. They are permanent residents.

Fun Fact: if you counted up the human cells in your body and also counted up every non human cell (bacteria etc) the bacteria would outnumber the human cells 10 to 1.
+Edwin Castillo Well, what is saliva? It is cells and stuff in your mouth that have fallen off and a lot of the cells have died and popped open which means the genomic DNA explodes out in a gooey mass. This is saliva but speeding that process up quite a bit so you collect a lot of cells then pop them open with a little soap. We use this in the lab but we call it Triton X100 but basically the past lab guru found it in Ivory soap.

The soap strips the cell layer so these mile long strands of DNA explode to make this viscous white mass. The alcohol is there to precipitate the DNA into the mass.

But the short answer: yeah, it's spit. But it's clean isolated only DNA ... spit.
Yes, just so you pour it in slow enough to get the interface. The DNA precipitates right at that layer when it runs into the 70% ethanol. She put way too much food coloring in. One drop would do it.
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