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Makes you think.
Be Careful About "Missing Person" Posts

It's one thing to circulate a current Amber Alert, ensuring that all of the information is there, that it comes from a proper source (ie don't just reshare, CHECK THE LINKS), and that the answer is to call police, not just a random number.  And then, of course, update your post (and let those who have reshared know) when it is resolved.

But "missing" posts that tell you to call someone other than police, that have no date or location, or are in any other way suspect should not not be shared and possibly should even be reported.  This is how stalkers can find their hidden victims.  This is how abusive parents reconnect with children that have been taken from them for good reason.

Go ahead and assist police on actual missing persons, but don't pretend you're a cop or detective or on the crime show of the week by taking it upon yourself to effectively dox someone who is trying to stay hidden for reasons you may not be aware of.

Let's face the facts: some of the people you know online are carefully constructed personas, and some of them lie.  That nice guy you've been interacting with on social media for ages?  Do you think he'd tell you about how often he punches his wife in the face?  Of course not, so when he tells you she's missing and you put the word out and a friend of a friend saw her, you're unwittingly part of her further abuse and possibly even murder.

That nice lady you talk to on that game you play, who always sends more lives or helps with your farming or you think she's going to tell you about how she beats her teenager and is about to ship him off to bible camp to beat out his gayness?  Hell no, she's not going to tell you about his "shame"!  So when he runs away and she puts out a plea to call her because she just wants her precious boy to come home and you help her find him, you are not helping him at all.

Imagine if someone has escaped a personal hell after months of brave but terrified planning, and you're the one who points a big digital finger to say, "HERE THEY ARE!"

We all want to help our friends when someone they know is legitimately missing.  We all want abducted people found fast and hopefully relatively unscathed.

But THINK before you post, and THINK before you share.  Check the details.  You don't need to be rude about it, but you can be responsible.  When in doubt, don't reshare.

#psa   #thinkbeforeyoupost  
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Brilliant! Unmissable.
The world’s first ocean cleaning system will be deployed in 2016 - congratulations Boyan & thank you

Read more here

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Lee Samuels

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Goodnight from Space! | International Space Station
Samantha: "Buona notte dallo spazio."

Credit: ESA/NASA, ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti of Italy
Image Date: May 30, 2015

+Samantha Cristoforetti 
+European Space Agency, ESA 

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‪#‎SamanthaCristoforetti‬ ‪#‎OurOutpostInSpace‬ ‪#‎Spacecraft‬
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