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Brothers and Sisters, we are so screwed. Not only have we enshrined and codified bigotry and stupidity, we've handed the greatest power on Earth to a vile sociopath with not the slightest idea of what he's doing.

The America of liberty and justice for all is history.

We the people have taken a mighty Drump on the graves of our war dead and our veterans.

Our hard-fought 8 years of economic recovery is toast.

And the future of the planet is in peril.

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence—it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.
— George Washington.


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Well done, America!

Remember when I told you that #Trump will win the nomination? You all laughed at me. Remember when I said he'd be #president? You all said "Never in a million years!"

Many of you are my G+friends and you are very dear to me, but right now I'd like to give all of you a high five. With a chair. Right in your faces. Those of you who voted for him most and also those who didn't, but didn't do enough to prevent that.

You are blaming all of Germany to have let Hitler happen. I blame all of you for this. You didn't only f... yourselves. You f...ed the whole world. Every single one of us! Are you going to tell me again that I don't have to worry? That everything is going to be fine? That it's not as bad as it looks? Am I going to be the one again in a couple of years who will tell you stupid f...s "I told you so"?

If you feel offended by this post you have every right to be. It is intended to offend. You deserve much worse. Please feel free to unfollow me. I'm so mad right now, that I couldn't care less.

May the Plus be with all of us! Because of you imbeciles, we're going to need it.
+Jens Graikowski​​


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Vote for Clinton on November 8th

A week from today, the nation will vote and I implore all of my friends and family to vote for Hillary Clinton. Here are many reasons why...

On women...
Hillary Clinton supports the equal treatment of women by advocating for equitable pay, women's health (especially in her support of Planned Parenthood), and a woman's right to choose. She has fought for maternity leave, childcare and more.

Donald Trump made up "9 Month Abortions" in the last debate, calling them "Late Term Abortions." They aren't and don't exist. He's advocated sexual assault against women, bragging about how he grabs women by the pussy. He, as a presidential nominee, tweeted that the nation should look out for a sex tape. He called a beauty pageant winner "Miss Piggy" and chastised her for her weight. He doesn't support Planned Parenthood and said that women who get abortions need to be punished. He has insinuated that his Supreme Court would overturn Roe v Wade.

On taxes and the economy...
Clinton wants to increase the tax rate on the nation's top earners so that they pay their fair share. She would keep taxes where they are for the average American and wants to tax corporations more and close loopholes. Her vision for America is a global one where the USA moves away from unsafe, unclean, and undesirable labor markets and invests in a cleaner, technologically advanced future. She originally supported TPP when she was helping craft it, but no longer supports it claiming it didn't live up to its promise. The vast majority of independent tax analysts and economists believe that Clinton's plan would help the economy at least slightly if implemented minimally and moderately if most of it can pass even though it adds $200B to the debt. Her plan is extensive and detailed. She has released her tax returns and paid federal income tax.

Trump's tax plan increases taxes for the majority of Americans, especially those in the middle class, while cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthiest of Americans. He is against the Estate Tax which impacts only the richest of the rich. His plan is not detailed, vague, and relies on mythical job growth numbers to be successful through trickle down economics which has been repeatedly debunked. Very, ~very~ few independent analysts believe his tax plan would help the economy and would add trillions (up to about $5T) to the national debt. He sets an enormously poor example by not releasing his tax returns and not paying federal income tax.

On experience, charity, and global impact...
Clinton served as a lawyer, First Lady, Senator to NY, and Secretary of State. She has one the most progressive voting records in the Senate, voting with Bernie Sanders nearly 100% of the time and has a perfect voting record on women according to the HRC. She is deeply knowledgeable of our political system, foreign affairs, and has the most public service experience of any presidential candidate in history. Her charity has a near perfect rating from several independent nonprofit evaluaters and has helped tens of millions of people with HIV across the globe. She will turn down this organization once she becomes president to avoid conflict of interest.

Donald has carried his father's legacy into six bouts of bankruptcy after receiving millions in loans from him. He has dedicated his life not to public service, but to the accumulation of personal wealth. His busines practices are in stark contrast to his "official" stances on issues (ie. using Chinese steel, making his campaign memorabilia in China, not paying contractors, etc) and he's devoted to being a reality television star. His charity has been been ordered to stop collections donations by the NY State Attorney which called him a fraud and has repeatedly not paid out donations, paid Donald's personal legal fees, and even purchased assets for Trump's personal enjoyment.

On being a diplomat...
Clinton is a skilled negotiator who doesn't crack under pressure. She's been trained as a diplomat for decades, most recently in American's top diplomatic position next to president, Secretary of State. She has proven herself to be respectful, measured, and cool under pressure. She has the endorsment of nearly all of our allies including Canada, most of the EU, and most of South America.

Trump would be an embarrassment to American integrity. He has repeatedly been baited into outbursts on the national stage, resorts to name calling, made fun of a Gold Star Family (and then doubled down on it), has lashed out at his own party, has made remarks about women that prove he isn't ready to be a representative, and called the President of Mexico a liar on Twitter on his first official envoy mission. Our allies have not endorsed him and have continually expressed their fear of a Trump presidency. Trump makes demands, can't explain how he would get diplomatic endeavors done, and has an exceptionally poor grasp on foreign affairs - a gap made glaringly obvious during the debates. He has gone on record saying he hits back 10x as hard when he feels wronged, said he'd put his political opponent in jail if he wins, peddles conspiracy theories, and has refused to accept the results of the election if he loses, challenging a core tenant of democracy: the peaceful transition of power.

On LGBT rights...
Clinton was the first First Lady to invite openly gay couples to the White House and walk in a gay pride parade. She cosponsored bills to reduce LGBT hate crimes and fought to preserve HIV/AIDS funding. As Secretary of State she gave a historic speech in Geneva saying that gay rights were human rights, announced that it was formal US policy to enforce LGBT rights abroad, and eventually came out in support of full marriage equality in 2013. I do not fault her for taking time to evolve into that last position and believe she has a long enough history advocating for LGBT rights beyond marriage. She has the endorsement of nearly every LGBT-focused organization in America, including the HRC, It Gets Better, and more. She is opposed to North Carolina's Bathroom Bill.

Trump can't get the support of the Log Cabin Republicans thanks to his positions on LGBT people that are either unclear or downright discriminatory. He has insinuated that his Supreme Court would strike reverse Marriage Equality. His running mate believes that businesses should discriminate against gay workers by not hiring them, is fervently against Marriage Equality, and believes in gay conversion therapy. Trump himself is against Marriage Equality and has refused to endorse workplace equality acts. He expressed support for North Carolina's Bathroom Bill, saying that the states should decide.

On climate change...
Clinton believes that clean energy is our future and has outlined a detailed plan to increase investment into these energies, cut carbon output, and penalize organizations that harm the environment. While her support of fracking should be scrutinized, Clinton believes that climate change is a clear and present danger to the world and recognizes that America needs to be more environmentally sensitive.

Trump believes that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese and refuses to accept the scientific consensus that it's real. He wants to invest more in coal and wants to leave the Paris Agreement - a global climate change pact.

On scandals...
Clinton expressed poor judgement in the handling of her emails, but has apologized and, after an investigation by the FBI, was cleared of criminal wrongdoing. She has been the target of conspiracy theories, usually surrounding her health or husband - the former being utterly debunked and the latter unproven or irrelevant to her personal candidacy. Benghazi continues to be a thorn in her side despite one of the lengthiest and expensive trials in American history clearing her of any wrongdoing.

Trump is the least transparent candidate in recent American politics. He has not released his tax returns, praises Russia, and will soon be on trial for racketeering and child rape. He has been part of numerous trials, notably ones for not paying his employees. His support of Wikileaks and more - which have Russian involvement trying to sway the election in his favor - is especially troubling. He invited Bill Clinton's accusers to a press conference immediately before the second debate. Most importantly, Trump peddles the conspiracy that the election is literally rigged.

On lies...
According to Politifact, Clinton has made 145 true or mostly true statements, 67 half true statements, 40 mostly false statements, and 36 false or mostly false statements.

According to Politifact, Trump has made 48 true or mostly true statements, 46 half true statements, 61 mostly false statements, and 163 false or mostly false statements.

On immigration...
Clinton supports strengthening border security in problem areas, but does not believe in building a large wall. She supports immigration and security checks. She does not support mass deportation and would not deport alien parents from their citizen children. Under Clinton, not much on immigration would change from the Obama era.

Trump recently said that Clinton would allow 650M immigrants into America, a claim that would nearly triple the population of the United States. He has claimed he would build a literal wall on the Mexican border, but has not explained how to pay for it. He peddles lies about our refugee process to fear monger and has supported a deportation force. He can not explain how he would pay for these measures and believes that Americans would take the jobs deported immigrants currently do despite data to the contrary. He called for unconstitutional religious checks, specifically looking for Muslims, on immigrants and even called for the complete ban of Muslims entering America. He has called Mexicans rapists, drug dealers, and "bad hombres."

On demographic support...
Clinton has 78% lead among black voters and a 23% lead among Hispanics when compared to Trump. Of people who hold a post-college degree, Clinton holds a 37% lead. She leads Trump by 13% among people with a college degree. Trump leads Clinton among people who haven't completed high school by 5% and people who went to some college by 4%. Women support Clinton by 9% more and men support Trump by 1%. Clinton has a 24% lead among voters aged 18 to 39. Trump leads Clinton by 2% among voter 65+ and 5% by voters 40 to 64.


And guys... listen. There's more. I barely touched foreign policy, didn't talk about education, left out hundreds of Trump's gaffes, and didn't even get near any third party candidate (TL;DR Not the time for a protest vote). There are still the issues of gun control, the First Amendment, and books could be written about the Supreme Court. I probably made some typos too. Long story short, I'm scared of Trump's America and I hope you are too. Lastly... read. Read stories from reputable sources. Don't just read headlines and don't seek confirmation on your biases from dodgy publications.

Vote on November 8th for Hillary Clinton. The race is just too tight.

#clinton #vote #election #trump #politics #usa #america #election2016 #president #presidentialelection #lgbt 

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Choose. You have no choice.

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As a Bernie Sanders supporter, I cannot in good conscious vote for Hillary.  Given the current Presidential candidates there are only two viable candidates, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein.  Come November, I will be voting for Jill Stein.
As Bernie drops the torch, Jill Stein picks it up.
QUOTE: “If you don’t want to vote for a warmonger or racist billionaire, there are more options.” It might come as a surprise to Hillary voters, but most Americans are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.
QUOTE After Bernie endorsed Clinton, millions of Americans to the left of center, and many who are simply disgusted with politics, are looking for inspiration.
QUOTE: Millions of hearts were breaking today, as Bernie Sanders delivered his long expected endorsement of Hillary Clinton, with notably less enthusiasm than the passion of his usual stump speech...
QUOTE: Around half of Bernie voters according to Bloomberg in late June will never vote for Hillary...
QUOTE: Jill Stein gives us our democracy back. Dr. Stein has a genuine vision for the future and best of all, isn’t named Clinton.

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