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Lee Nelson
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Lee Nelson

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I just shared these thoughs to the U.S. Copyright Office via — go share your thoughts too! (please.)

On being able to fix your own car:

For the same reason that Linux and other open-source core operating systems are the most safe and secure, we legally need the ability to inspect the products we buy for safety and security.

The ability to modify for sport should not be restricted simply because some people aren't capable. Those that are capable should be allowed to, and those that aren't should be allowed to learn.

We don't need more factory workers. We need more skilled laborers, and that requires interest fostered by tinkering. By allowing that tinkering, we are fostering the next generations of engineers. By actively blocking it, we would be fostering highly motivated and intelligent "criminals."

On being able to use 3D printer filaments on a commercial printer:

The reason for the recent popularity in 3D printing, along with a huge boom in innovation and price reduction, has to do with open-source technology. This includes grea strides in materials science.

By restricting the usage of these 3D printers with experimental and third-party filaments, powders, etc., we only slow the rate of innovation, and artificially restrict the sales of a consumable in order to protect the profit margins of a few companies.

In the long run this is neither good for the industry, the country, or those companies. The companies and industry as a whole is harmed because a few companies are allowed to innovate at a much slower pace, while those that would innovate quickly are prevented from doing so.

This then harms the country, because those innovators would then have no choice but to either act as criminals or in other countries that allow such practices. To compound the issue, 3D printing technology is one of a handful of technologies that aid in innovation of other technologies, from industrial machines to household items to medical devices. With 3D printing you have the ability to rapidly create a prototype, and the more innovation there is in creating better and better prototypes, the less work there is in getting a product to market. Standing in the way of that harms everyone.

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Lee Nelson

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This sound like fun.
Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU). Take free online classes from 115+ top universities and educational organizations. We partner with schools like Stanford, Yale, Princeton, and others to offer courses in dozens of topics, from computer science to teaching and beyond. Whether you are pursuing a passion or looking to advance your career, Coursera provides open, free education for everyone.
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Lee Nelson

commented on a post on Blogger.
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I would like to see Google scan through my search results and analyze the information. Essentially, I want it to do the thinking for me. One example is I sometimes have an obscure problem with my model of laptop and Ubuntu. Google should be able to scan through the threads and rank potential solutions. This would be based off of the hardware, packages installed and my previous attempts such as assuming I found an answer when I stopped searching.

This could also be useful for programming. I have spent some time on sites like stack overflow trying to find something similar to my problem.

It would also be nice if it could scan my music library and find other Creative Commons music I might like. This could be based off of number or stars, how often it was played or skipped.
What if we represent our online profile / data as an extension of ourself? Able to carry out actions as well as be mined for marketing insights? Amazon is building machine learning algorithms which suggest items a customer ...
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Lee Nelson

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Some bulletpoints about the Tesla Home Battery before the big unveiling:

The Battery has to be installed 1.5 feet above the ground, and should have an open space of 1 ft on all sides.

The battery does not make any noise, does not need any maintenance, and has no drippings.

The Battery includes the inverter.

The battery is about 3 ft tall and 2.5 ft wide and looks good.

The installer offered a choice between a 10 kWh and 15 kWh. He opted for the 10 kWh battery.

Price for the 10 kWh battery is said to be $13,000. This particular homeowner opted for a payment plan that called for a down payment of $1500 and monthly payments of $15 for 10 years.

He charges the battery at night when electricity costs are lowest and sells it back to PG&E during the peak demand times every day. He says he makes $12 – $15 a month doing that, which pretty much covers his monthly payment.

The battery can be controlled from an iPhone, and has a web application also.

The battery is set to charge from a solar system until fully charged and then send energy back into the grid.

Fully off Grid. The battery can be charged by a regular generator also.
He has not had any problems with the Battery System…and gets over the air wireless software updates frequently.
Is a Tesla home battery system what Elon Musk plans to reveal on April 30? Details are starting to emerge but Musk may have something else entirely.
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Roger S
If you multiply it out, that comes to only $3300 for 10 years, while the actual purchase price is $13,000. At $3300, fully charging and discharging it once a day, you would need to save $0.09 / kWh.  At $13K, you would need to save $0.36 / kWh.  It's not economically feasible at those prices unless you (a) can borrow money for free and (b) think that energy prices are going to inflate by at least 10% per year.
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Lee Nelson

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The agents have been charged with fraud after allegedly stealing Silk Road Bitcoins and stashing the funds in offshore accounts.
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New Paperback-sized Compact Embedded PC with Quad-Core Atom
The new product, BOX Computer the BX-220 series, is a compact embedded PC which is equipped with quad-core Intel Atom processor E3845, 4GB memory and SSD. By adopting the latest embedded Atom processor with significant improvements in processing capacity and power efficiency over the previous generation of processors, computing power has been increased approximately 4x and graphics performance approximately 3x that of the previous the BX-210 series*2. Moreover, this small paperback-sized embedded computer is a fanless and slittless design which doesn’t make operating noise or gather dust, so it reduces need for maintenance and can be installed anywhere, especially in IoT*2 gateway, industrial control system, interactive digital signage, KIOSK, medical equipment and automotive infotainment system.
In addition, the BX-220 series is equipped with our unique expanded RAS feature*3 operates independently of main computer functions. The feature provides various functions to increase system reliability by automatically restarting the system when detecting errors such as frozen programs, operating system startup faults, and a rise in internal temperature, and by saving detailed logs of the occurrence of errors that are useful in failure analysis. (To use these features, a dedicated utility (free of charge) will be required and provided in March 2015 (tentative))

*1 The BX-210 series is a existing BOX Computer series with Intel’s Atom processor Z530 (1.6GHz).
*2 IoT: Internet of Things
*3 RAS: Reliability Availability and Serviceability

- Contributes to reduced running cost and promotes energy efficiency
- Minimized needs installation space. Need paperback-sized foot-print
- Slit-less, fan-less design reduces need for maintenance
- Multiple interfaces for easy peripheral device expansion such as twin CFast card slot
- Unique expanded RAS feature to improve reliability
- Metal fittings and clamps provided to prevent accidental cable disconnection
- Supports a wide range of power supplies from 10.8 to 31.2VDC.DVI output supports full HD"
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It was interesting enough that I clicked through, but the lack of a price on the website caused my to lose interest fast!
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Lee Nelson

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Animals should have the benefit of using computers. There was a study giving Orangutans access to tablets.
One of the discussions that I feel is important for us to have is how we will overcome the 'social inertia' around a set organism hierarchy in this brave new world we are entering. My own personal pet causes, are David Pearc...
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Lee Nelson

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I agree, our online presence will take on characteristics of a living being in our image. Maybe these decision engines could be used for voting.
I've wanted to write something about data for a long time, as I work in big data & data analytics for a living. My thinking has come together around real-time decisioning systems so I am going to throw an idea out and see if ...
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Lee Nelson

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In regards to porn spam:

This follows a pattern I have noticed.
1. Lots of spam
2. The I'm leaving post.
3. "Me too" + negative comments.

I report and block each piece of spam. Therefore I never see the same spam account twice.

Other people comment as reported and blocked, but if they blocked the account, how can they comment on the post?

This looks like a calculated attack on the community.
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Lee Nelson

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#badObama is back. :-P

"For the first time I’m aware of, the federal government has intervened in a private defamation suit and got the entire case dismissed by asserting the State Secrets Privilege. With no information being given even to the lawyers on either side, the judge dismissed the case based solely on the government’s claim that it could reveal classified information."

A privilege abused is a privilege which should be revoked.
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Lee Nelson

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Hold responsible those that make and use weapons against the people.
The company and directors below, are responsible for making the weapons that kill and seriously injure peaceful protesters from around the world.

We are posting their info, we accept police and army soldiers are the ones who directly aim these at innocent civilians, however, we are still going to expose these evil directors and this company.

Combined Systems Inc.

Combined Systems is a major manufacturer and supplier of Non Lethal weapons to Law enforcement and the military.

(( But they are lethal - WE SEE THE VICTIMS ))

Don Smith:
Mr. Don Smith serves as Chief Executive Officer at Combined Systems, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer, Combined Systems, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters
388 Kinsman Road
Jamestown, Pennsylvania 16134

United States

Phone: 724-932-2177
Fax: 724-932-2166

LinkedIn Profile:

Contact Information: Combined Systems, Inc.

Phone: 724-932-2177
Fax: 724-932-2166

YouTube Account:

Twitter Account:

Company LinkedIn Profile:

ISO - 9001:2008:



[ Whois Lookup - Domain Country - Domain To IP]
IP Address:
Reverse DNS:
IPv6 Address: 2406:da00:ff00::3210:f94c
[ IPv6 Address Lookup]
Reverse DNS IPv6:

Nameservers: >> >> >> >>

IP Blacklist Check: Not Blacklisted
IP Lookup Location For IP Address:
Continent: North America (NA)
Country: United States (US)
Capital: Washington
State: Virginia
City Location: Ashburn
Area: 703
Metro: 511
ISP: Amazon Technologies
Time Zone: America/New_York
Local Time: 12:55:58
Timezone GMT offset: -14400
-Sunrise / Sunset: 06:48 / 19:24
-Continent Lat/Lon: 46.07305 / 100.546
-Country Lat/Lon: 38 / -98
-City Lat/Lon: (39.0437) / (77.4875)
-IP Language: English
-IP Address Speed: Corporate Internet Speed
-[ Check Internet Speed]
-IP Currency: United States dollar($) (USD)
-IDD Code: +1
Richard Edge
Chief Operating Officer, Combined Systems, Inc.

LinkedIn Profile:
Dennis Palmer
Director of Law Enforcement Training, Combined Systems, Inc.
Jim Marth
Director of International Sales, Combined Systems, Inc.

LinkedIn Profile: (Past)
Don Brinton
Vice President of US Law Enforcement Sales, Combined Systems, Inc.

28 Page Catalog of products used on activists.

Other important contact, location info and details:

Combined Tactical Systems Inc

Combined Systems Begins Producing Light Incapacitator

In 2007 and 2008, the US State Department provided $1.85 million worth of "tear gasses and riot control agents" to Israel as part of the US's $3 billion in annual military aid to Israel.

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Yes! That is what I set out to do when I left the US. I seem to have lost my direction. I know my ideas are good, other people are implementing them with great success!

I care about money to the extent that I could help other people with it. This whole 'social activist' thing is my focus at the moment. But I can only read and post so much, I need to DO something. It appears I am still on the hotlist, so whatever I try needs to be 'tamper resistant'.

As stated earlier, I can do anything, even with my record and the ball and chain on my ankle.

About that felony.. I am proud to have served my country and the world to such a degree as to earn the attention of the hate mongers.
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Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität...

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU). Take free online classes from 115+ top universiti

Social engineering and brain computer interfaces

One of the discussions that I feel is important for us to have is how we will overcome the 'social inertia' around a set organism hierarchy

Decisioning engines will make your personal data a living being

I've wanted to write something about data for a long time, as I work in big data & data analytics for a living. My thinking has come togethe

A free and open world depends on a free and open web. | Google

A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. Governments alone, working behind closed doors, should not direct its future. The

Exploring Quantum Physics - University of Maryland, College Park | Coursera

Exploring Quantum Physics from University of Maryland, College Park.

How Bloggers Can Earn Money by Providing Services: Expert Mastermind

We talk a lot about getting hired to make money off your blog: But how do people actually do that? Here is the round up of opinions: From re

Meizu To Announce Triple Boot Ubuntu Phone This Month?

Meizu is reportedly planning to unveil new smartphones in the next few weeks, and there's a suggestion at least one could be Ubuntu powered.

The downvote squads

Governments today all realize the importance of web. Though the way they handle their citizens on the web ranges from neglect to complete is

phaser ~ Developer Tools for You

Phaser is a fast, free and fun open source game framework for making desktop and mobile browser HTML5 games. It uses Pixi.js internally for

Cloud Tools for Android Studio

Use Android Studio to bring the power of Google Cloud Platform to your Android apps.

The 3D Printed Ö Bluetooth Ring is One of the Tiniest Personal Computers...

We live in an era where wearable technological devices are becoming the norm. Whether it is computerized eye glasses such as Google glass or

The WhitePuma Cryptocurrency Platform is a services platform for sending and receiving tips, donations and payments in dozens of cryptocurrencies.

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