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Yeah, I play that too...
Yeah, I play that too...

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So I am looking at maybe starting a F:AGE Cyberpunk game [AKA: Shadowrun] and am looking at races for ideas on how to make the races more inline with that setting. I don't want to run Titansgrave, but am looking at that for a bit of inspiration.

I need to figure out how to do Trolls as a playable race.  Races seem to all have one Attribute increase, one choice of a Focus and then a base Move and the chart to roll on twice.  The chart has 3 Attribute bumps and then is all Focuses and Weapon Groups.

I am also looking for ideas for additional Cybernetics.  I have a few ideas and plan to run the game on an Alternate Earth, but am eliminating the idea of the idea of the 'NET' in a way similar to the
Data Plague from Valkana.

I will be working up Specializations and Talents for Street Samurai, Riggers and some of the other Archetypes as well.

Suggestions, comments and input are greatly appreciated.

My game I have started. This is the general overview of the world:

The World of Enclave

Before recorded time, the world was naught; there was only the Nameless God.

In that Darkness the Nameless God dwelt, yet he despaired, as he was alone. Lost in sadness, his solitude consuming, he wanted to fill the void with life, and in that moment spoke his own Name and the world and all the Universe around it was created.

The Nameless One saw his Children, named them, and brought them forth to be counted.  The Demigods were legion, and represented every possible aspect that existed in his creation, and were made to govern.

Beyond them, the lesser races of the world were created and given a place in the World.  All peoples found aspects that they excelled at, and began to interact and build.  

Peace, friendship and tranquility filled the land for two thousand years as technology and learning brought the races to an age of enlightenment.  However, one Demigod had aspirations to usurp the Nameless One and take his place in the Pantheon.

Seethe, first among the Demigods created at the moment of the Name considered himself to be greater than the others, that as the First he should be the most beloved, and hold dominion over his siblings.

Believing that he was superior, Seethe believed that he had found his Father's name, yet such a thing was beyond even his great power, so he began to gather his followers.

Those faithful, those who followed, them who he promised ascension in exchange for the power of their lives to fuel the ritual he would need to call out to the Nameless One.

Upon the highest peak of the world Seethe gathered his followers and shouted the Name… the wrong name.

In that moment Seethe was undone.

The world shuddered. The earth cracked. The oceans rose to envelop the land. Storms raged as the very air boiled.

Seethe's body was torn asunder and scattered across the world.  His power lost, his worshipers dead.

The enlightened societies of the world were no more.

In those ashes, the Demigods named the world, the survivors, Enclave.

Enclave is a series of archipelagos that have formed numerous smaller kingdoms.  The various races no longer trust one another as they did before The Shattering.  Wars and internal strife are common and have led to the segregation of the races into their own kingdoms.  Such was the way of the world for the past three thousand years.

Many kingdoms have come and gone in these many years ------

The largest of the land masses is an island kingdom known as Pelum, the whole of the kingdom is a scattering of close knit islands within a hundred miles of the central land mass.  The Seat of power in Pelum resides in the City of Brona on the main island. The Island is about 85,000 sq miles.   A population of four million seven hundred thousand, Pelum is a mix of all races though mostly Human, Elf and Halfling, the reminding races of Dwarf, Orc and mixed races are not uncommon.

The Rimeobia Dynasty is an elven island chain, controlled by a Feudal Lord with all others being servants, vassals and soldiers.  The Dynasty Wars have raged off and on for more than a millennia with true peace never being declared.  Loyalties are ever shifting and confusing to all but the locals who watch as though it were sport.  Taking it further, the larger battles are even considered spectator events and as much a show as a true battle, with those who survive receiving honors and a celebrity status.

The Ouxitopia Empire belong to the Saurian, consisting of six close knit islands that have been connected by sophisticated bridges that are great enough to allow all but the largest of war galleon to pass underneath them.  The Saurian race was the to develop black powder which quickly lead to a master of explosives and the development of the deadly matchlock fire arms and canons.  Other races are the true minority in these lands, as their engineering secrets are jealously guarded.

The Kingdom of Hearth is the only major Dwarven population in the world.  Being almost entirely Dwarven, only one trading port, known simply as Exchange, allows groups of non-dwarve to occupy the island.  This group of islands is the tallest in Enclave and rise to almost nine thousand feet at the highest peak.  Dwarves, are considered to be some of the greatest builders and tinkerers and were the first to develop the Wheel Lock weapons, and refined the Saurian Black Powder to a more stable form.

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I would like to welcome Troy Latta as our official 100th member!  

100 guys!!!

80 members!!! Wow!  Keep spreading the word Folks!!!

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So, I made a Half-Orc Sorcerer as Gancon and with my roll for attending events there, I got a suit of Splint Mail.  As I have a 10 Str and no proficiency in Heavy Armor, this means I can not use it.  So, can I sell it back for Gold?  I would have to be level 12 before I can even put the suit on and still cast...  [+2 Str at 4 and 8 and the Heavy Armor Mastery Feat at 12]

So... Characters.  Who do you like from the book and have you made one to share?  I am finding I love Ripley and Savior from the core book.  I have not had a chance to play around too much with character creation yet, but will throw up a few in the next few days.

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Wow!  What a great Gencon!  I ran 4 AMP events and all but one were full.  I have to say everyone who came and played were just fantastic!  I had so much fun with each and every one of you!  You all used your powers in interesting and unique ways I had never even anticipated.  All the groups were very high energy and everyone seemed to have a great time!

Eloy brought 50 copies of the game out to the con [not including the Kickstarter pick ups] and sold EVERY COPY!  I think Third Eye has a hit on their hands with this one and I cannot wait to start on playtesting for Year Two.  

If you have not yet joined the Facebook page, please do so!  it can be found at:

So... who here played in one of the Gencon games?  What did you think of the system???

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Is anyone still working on Bolt Action files? The current ones have many mistakes and are missing many of the forces that are out now.
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