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Freelance writer and diversified entrepreneur


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I am always in search of wonderful opportunities for inspiration. It is so surprising to me that I am just discovering TED Talks (no, I haven't been living under a rock), thanks to a friend who makes a habit of sharing goodies for personal growth.

I am now a subscriber to TED Talks and make a point to listen to a talk at least once a day. Today, I searched their database and came across Susan Cain's video "The Power of Introverts". I was particularly interested in her because her book "Quiet" is on my list of books to read. 

I am definitely someone who thrives in contemplation, and agree with Cain that the world around me seems focused on changing that. I still remember the words that someone wrote in my high school memory book: "You shouldn't be so quiet and have fun!"

Yes, I love singleton activities such as reading, writing, and puzzles, but for me there is a lot of enjoyment in these activities. In fact, I often draw inspiration from them that makes me more confident in social activities. For me, all of these activities are fun. 

Like Susan Cain, I love extroverts. My husband and most of my closest friends are all people who absolutely love social activities. But I also love who I am. Hopefully, the world will learn to embrace the complexities of introverts and accept the benefits they can offer. 

What about you? Do you lean more to the introvert or extrovert? Or maybe you're somewhere in between.
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