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I have tried to fool myself numerous times, but I think the fact that you’ve once made that mistake is where you really learn from it.

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DJ Schmolli : Iron Maiden vs The Monkees - The Trooper Believer 

\m/ (◣_◢) \m/   

I know +Sarah Lynne  this seems impossible .. like frozen sunshine or fried ice cream ... but it is REAL!

Up the IRONS with some MONKEYS!

#mashupmusic   #mashupmix   #TheMonkeys   #musicbomb   #musiceverynight   #DJSchmolli  

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Entirely sensible and exactly my interpretation smug
Google steps back to clarify that not all guest blogging is bad, for those who got panicked by its warning yesterday. Rather, it's going after guest blog posts it deems done just for "SEO" reasons. And no, it's not going after those automatically. It's just one of many things that could get you in trouble, if Google takes a closer, manual look at your site.

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Guest blogging is dead? Are you ready to stick the fork in it?

Or are you a blogger that offers value and real contort?

Shock horror in the content marketing and SEO world yesterday! The popular activity of guest blogging was attacked by Google, leading to huge panic for Search Engine Optimisers and bloggers everywhere who are now about their content and SEO strategies...
Read the full post here:

#GuestBlogging #Blogging 

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From my blog...
I blogged: Thoughts on the recent Google clamp down on guest blogging for #SEO #webdesign

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Guest blogging for #SEO? Forget it!The decay and fall of guest blogging

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2013 was an exciting year in the SEO industry, furthermore it practically saw a revival of something nobody ever thought would be back, the SEO Geek!

So now that we know Google isn't playing around when it comes to updating their algorithm, we can guarantee 2014 will be full of great (and horrible, seemingly stupid) changes that will leave many a million dollar strategy wrecked worse than "Miley's" walls. 

So, as SEO Darwin would be put it, how do we adapt???

Check out this cool article and let me know what you think about the future of SEO below:

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Crimes against #webdesign : 12 outdated features that need to disappear in 2014 
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