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Lee Goldberg

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Here's a brilliant spoof of Aaron Sorkin's excruciating writing style. Loved it!
Amy Schumer's parody of Aaron Sorkin's tics isn't a friendly jab but a scorched-earth polemic.
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Lee Goldberg

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A very funny James Bond spoof from Phil Rosenthal, creator of Everybody Loves Raymond
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Lee Goldberg

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I've had LOTS of email exchanges like this with aspiring writers. Sadly, it's all too common.
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Lee Goldberg

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Writer At Play has part1 up of a Q&A interview with me. They previously interviewed my little-known writing partner, Janet Evanovich. 
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Lee Goldberg

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I picked the ten best TV Main Title Sequences of All time. See if you agree with my choices...
Lee Goldberg picks the ten best TV main title sequences of all time.
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I hadn't caught that -- but you're right! 
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Lee Goldberg

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2013 was a great year for mystery thrillers, as my friend Kate Goldstone points out on my blog today...
2013 was a legendary year for new crime novels, particularly in the USA. Here are three recommendations for the newest and very best thriller books in town.
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The Los Angeles Times reports on my fun panel yesterday at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books with Cara Black, T. Jefferson Parker, and Paula Woods,0,1008393.story#axzz2yv8KCeDD
The heroes and villains of crime novels tend to be average Joes driven into entertaining situations that are realistic enough that readers can understand, three crime authors said Sunday at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.
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Lee Goldberg

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Lee Goldberg shares a memorable email from a reader who wants him to read a script and pass it along to his agent.
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Oh, Lee, you're so mean.
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Lee Goldberg

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The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers announces their Scribe Award nominees...
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Writer. Producer. Wickedly charming.
Lee Goldberg is an ex-Navy SEAL, freelance Sexual Surrogate and a professional Pierce Brosnan impersonator. 

Okay, that's not true. But he wants this biography to be really exciting, so pay attention. If things bog down, I've been instructed to add a car chase or some explicit sex. 

Here's the real story. Lee Goldberg writes books and television shows. 

His mother wanted him to be a doctor, and his grandfather wanted him to go into the family furniture business. Instead, he put himself through UCLA as a freelance journalist, writing for such publications as American Film, Starlog, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times Syndicate, The Washington Post and The San Francisco Chronicle (He also wrote erotic letters to the editor for Playgirl at $25-a-letter, but he doesn't tell people about that, he just likes to boast about those "tiffany" credits). 

He published his first book .357 Vigilante (as "Ian Ludlow," so he'd be on the shelf next to Robert Ludlum) while he was still a UCLA student. The West Coast Review of Books called his debut "as stunning as the report of a .357 Magnum, a dynamic premiere effort," singling the book out as "The Best New Paperback Series" of the year. Naturally, the publisher promptly went bankrupt and he never saw a dime in royalties. 

Welcome to publishing, Lee. 

His subsequent books include the non-fiction books Successful Television Writing and Unsold Television Pilots ("The Best Bathroom Reading Ever!" San Francisco Chronicle) as well as the novels My Gun Has Bullets ("It will make you cackle like a sitcom laugh track," Entertainment Weekly), Beyond the Beyond ("Outrageously entertaining," Kirkus Reviews), and The Man With The Iron-On Badge ("
As dark and twisted as anything Hammett or Chandler ever dreamed up" Kirkus Reviews)

"Take me now," she moaned, "you hot writer stud." 

She tore off her clothes and tackled him onto the floor, unable to control her raging lust. Nothing excited her more than being around a writer with a big list of books. 

Got your attention again? Good. I don't know about you, but I was starting to nod off. Where was I? Oh yes... 

Goldberg broke into television with a freelance script sale to "Spenser: For Hire." Since then, his TV writing & producing credits have covered a wide variety of genres, including sci-fi (SeaQuest), cop shows (Hunter), martial arts (Martial Law), whodunits (Diagnosis Murder, Nero Wolfe), the occult (She-Wolf of London), kid's shows (R.L. Stine's The Nightmare Room), T&A (Baywatch), comedy (Monk) and utter crap (The Highwayman). His TV work has earned him two Edgar® Award nominations from the Mystery Writers of America. 

His two careers, novelist and TV writer, merged when he began writing the "Diagnosis Murder" series of original novels, based on the hit CBS TV mystery that he also wrote and produced. And he also writes novels based on "Monk," another show he's worked on. 

But perhaps he's best known for his pioneering work mapping the human genome and negotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. 

Goldberg lives in Los Angeles with his wife and his daughter and still sleeps in "Man From UNCLE" pajamas.
  • Redwood Heights Elementary
  • Castle Rock Elementary
  • Foothill Intermediate
  • Northgate High School
  • UCLA
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The heroes and villains of crime novels tend to be average Joes driven into entertaining situations that are realistic enough that readers c

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