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Lee Forest
Support your favorite Open Source Software! Because its not illegal to share.
Support your favorite Open Source Software! Because its not illegal to share.

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Ended up in the hospital yesterday. Heart related issues. Getting things on track to avoid having to do that again. Namely medication and a primary care provider (which I haven't had in years). Guess you guys are stuck with me for the foreseeable future :)

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"Komodo Edit is a simple, polyglot editor that provides the basic functionality you need for programming."

I've used this editor for years in web development and lately it seems to have changed so much yet still presents itself as a professional, but not over-the-top, editor for writing code. Worth a look if you are open to trying a different editor.

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I'm intrigued.
Asus is claiming the board will have twice the performance of the Pi 3, which is now nearly a year old.

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I would like to give credit to +Daniele Giovanni Buda for the regular contributions of Linux distribution reviews. Do you think an upgrade to moderator is deserved?
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Hello Open Source Software enthusiasts. We would like to find more content contributors who can share the latest OSS projects & Linux distributions. We are willing to promote you to moderators if the content meet's our guidelines. All you have to do is share. The most genuine OSS content providers have a greater chance of being promoted to moderator. Let's keep our community growing as one of the largest & oldest open source software communities on Google+. 

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Hehe. It's true. Most Atheists just never shut up about god even though they don't believe there is one. Kinda ironic.

Today I discovered that I can play music from my phone to my computer speakers via Bluetooth. While it might seem kinda redundant to some, it's actually handy. Because it provides portable control of the music that's playing. Great for parties or small gatherings because it wouldn't be necessary to keep going back to the computer to change the music or add song requests. Plus the speakers won't die from battery use and in my case they have better sound with decent bass because of my sub-woofer. Cheers!

Only together can we show the world it is time for a change. Let's find common ground and strive to create a better world for all of us. 

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