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Lee Forest
Support your favorite Open Source Software! Because its not illegal to share.
Support your favorite Open Source Software! Because its not illegal to share.

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The ever so beautiful Katharine Mcphee as Paige Dineen in the TV show Scorpion. Simply stunning.

(Since this was ok for public TV I assume it's not too racy for the Plus)
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Who's the genius who thought dark blue on black was a good idea in the command shell? I keep changing the colors but when I setup a new system and try to edit something in vim I can't even read those dark blue comments. Drives me nuts. Like I want to slap whoever is responsible for choosing these default colors.

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I didn't realize it was necessary to pay for Albion Online when I went about trying it out. But I had trouble getting it to play and wrote a simple script to download the autoupdate zip archive manually and extract it. I figured I'd post it just in case someone finds it useful.

Note: This doesn't install a *.desktop file so you'll have to sort that out yourself. Run game from terminal, grab the *.desktop file from the official installer, or write one yourself. Plus the game client ends up out of date at some point and this script must be run again to grab the latest version.

I'm considering redoing the categories to fewer and more generalized names. Maybe ones such as: News, Software Releases, Legal Notices, Promotions, Code Reviews, Help Requests? This is up for discussion and suggestions are welcome.

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My current desktop setup. What you see here is simply Gnome with a few basic extensions and a sweet skull wallpaper.

Window List
Places Status Indicator
Applications Menu



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I'll admit. I've used vim over the years to do simple edits, but I've never fully appreciated it's capabilities until I typed the 'vimtutor' command into the terminal and followed the tutorial. Granted it doesn't cover everything. But it covers enough to use the editor productively. In fact I'm actually having a little bit more fun remotely accessing my server and editing files. Of course I must be a nerd if that's my idea of fun, eh?

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Atom 1.17 will have faster startup time? Sounds good to me!
Atom 1.17 will be the first release of the open-source hackable text editor in a long time to boost the startup time with 50%. Beta out now for Linux, Mac, and Windows!

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I really enjoy having Insync. Especially in Linux. I like to keep certain folders on my Google drive. If I reinstall my system or setup on a new system I can sync my G-Drive then create symlinks to the folders and keep them current/synced.

Here's my referral link for anyone else who wants to try it and get a little discount as well.

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Been having a little fun building my own multi-boot live USB on a 32gb flash drive. My goal was to collect a few popular distro's that had both 32 and 64 bit live versions available. Of course there are two options not in the picture here. 'Boot to Hard Drive' and 'Halt System'. I think I spent the last 4 days or so figuring out how to loopback boot most of these ISO's in Grub2. But totally worth it. It's gonna be nice keeping this drive handy. Next up I'm thinking about server and rescue distributions.

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Well said! What's the point of complaining about a problem if you don't have an solution? Spare yourself from looking like a twat, provide some constructive feedback instead.
On vendettas, snarkiness and toxicity

I'm noticing lately a sharp rise in the toxicity in various Linux communities, which has started to come to a head in /r/linux, /r/SolusProject, etc. So I feel I should say something on this.

It's OK to like different projects. Diversity is the life blood of Linux and free software. It's also OK to not like projects. But do we really hate projects?

Hate is a wasteful emotion, and often provides nothing but tunnel vision and bad memories. Over time, vendettas form, and instead of providing any useful feedback, we default instead to leaving snarky comments and trying to deride the projects, eventually playing the victim card when we're called out.

None of us are truly innocent here, many carry some kind of grudge or bias.
So, here's a proposition: Turn the energy of that hate into something useful!
Next time a project does a thing late, or differently, try to understand the circumstances. Use your knowledge and help build communities, offer meaningful advice instead of instantly rebuking projects.

"SomeDistro's X is way better than OtherDistro's Y" - fine, so bridge the gap. Find a common ground and a method for collaboration and innovation across the project divide.

"This project doesn't do THESE things upstream that OTHER project does!!!!1" - Gauge the projects interest and try to find ways to bridge that gap, and to help them work in these areas too. Then you'll benefit, even if you don't use that project directly.

It's time to stop forming silos, and to embrace the diversity and beauty that is a collaborative free software world, that flourishes with so-called "coopertition". Consider wiping the slate clean, and reevaluate your approaches through fresh eyes.
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