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Hello everyone!

Thanks in advance. I've recently been using the Google Analytics add-on for Sheets. I've got it set up to pull in the data I need, and it is scheduled to run weekly, every Monday morning.

This provides a great weekly snapshot, automatically. However, I'd like to start doing trending with the data. 

Is there a way to to take this weekly snapshot and insert that data into another sheet/workbook, but in the next free row/column that available. Perhaps using the 'OFFSET' function? The goal is to have an auto-updating chart, based on Google Analytics data that is being pulled in through the API into Google Sheets.


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Lee Driggers commented on a post on Blogger.
Would it make sense to use the URL builder with the "#" as opposed to "?". You'd need to update you GA code accordingly.

This way the SE's ignore everything past the "#' so you should lose DA or PA.

Last thing to note is that since you're overriding the referral source, you obviously wouldn't see the traffic as organic within your GA account.
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