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Web Development, Content Freelancing, and Online Revenue Generation
Web Development, Content Freelancing, and Online Revenue Generation


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#microjobs #eCommerce #tutorials #video #marketing #infoproducts #traffic #eBooks

Promotional video for driving traffic to my infoproduct ad;

An experiment that led me to craft up this 30-pg. PDF. Keepin' it cheap as the small online biz owner needs all the help they can get. But I still have to eat, too (lol!).

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#microjobs #eCommerce #freelancing #content #services

As a new-found resource, I'm just getting up to speed on Zeerk, and it's going to be a second as I find myself re-arranging my digital landscape to build a portfolio of instant-publishing microjob sites so I don't have to waste time waiting for approval anywhere.

I have an eCommerce storefront (still to be stocked, lol!), but the inherent traffic of this niche is WAAAAAYYYY too good to resist. So, I make it one of the hubs that I use to drive visitors through. Like a slingshot trip around the Sun.

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Ramping up the #Sales mission with this addition to the product roster...

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#microjobs #eCommerce #freelancing #MMO

Opening up another vista in the microjobs niche - you can never have too many of these types of memberships as a web professional or freelancer. Finally getting the chance to stretch out in brand new territory to test sale items.

I'll soon have my gig queue filled - - gotta play catchup.

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#Introductions #Goals #Engagement

Apparently, this is supposed to be the "Introduce Yourself" stream of the SEO and Internet Marketing Professionals Community. My name is Lee Davis and I've been a member of the Google+ overall community for a number of years.

I'd like to contribute to the conversation by not just trying to sell for-profit projects or selfishly promote to the detriment of the rest of the professionals here. The resources I'll be pointing to will be those that have no- to little-cost (registration required mostly) and are about your personal advancement.

Don't get me wrong; I'll be selling my ass off, but it won't resemble the cheesy, usual hit-and-run link-bait slap-dashery employed to tepid result feedback. The things you'll be stumbling onto with my help are not your everyday, run-of-the-mill products and services. I'll keep everything as priceless as possible, but I have to eat...EVERYDAY . Thanks for reading and good luck with everything!

Promodrone Instant Article Directory

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#microjobs #eCommerce #freelancing #infoproducts

And the march towards automated profitability begins. The extrapolation if the info-vending machine is on steady boil.

Having already introduced this as a info-product line on #Fiverr, SEOClerks is the next logical move. Widening the circle outward, all microjob depots will be listing this.

Going to be cannibalizing this resource for my own needs as well, so it's time to break out the Excel files (lol!).

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#SocialMediaPromotion #SocialSignals #microjobs

Been a lotta lookie-loo action, but no takers - I can just feel that someone wants it, but they're waiting for someone ELSE to buy & review it before they get in on it (lol!). Not even a small problem as I have the patience of saints (and tons of inventory to churn out to keep busy).

Let's just look at the simple economics of the situation; @ $7 for 5-to-12,000 Social Signals (rate variations), by the time you pay for the credits to gain something like 100K in SIgnals of your choice, it'll have cost 2-to-3 times what the tutorial does. And to ensure that the tutorial is a more attractive option than the service (as I don't desire to get stuck doing this, no matter how much money is there), it's priced to keep all but the deadly-serious away.

Besides, since I know how much time and effort is REALLY in the mix, I know that the time-wasting cheapos are definitely on force-field repulsion and I don't even have to waste my time talking (lol!). This project actually has been a watershed moment for me as I figured out how to avoid the freelancer pitfall of trading time for money.

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#Fiverr #microjobs #eCommerce #Freelancing #InfoProducts

Been a long day as I methodically bulk up my freelance inventory. Still have many sites to clock into, but it'll have to start again tomorrow. Slow and steady wins the race.

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