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I looked out the window from my desk and saw one of the bobcats slowly moving up my yard toward the setting sun on an evening hunt. I quickly grabbed my camera and, dressed only in little shorts and flip-flops, ran outside and around the garage to where I had seen him.
He was rounding the garage from the opposite direction.
We met toe to toe. We stared at each other. He sat down at my feet and looked up. We stayed that way for a few moments. I finally explained that my lens was too long to take his picture from there. He moved off, but gave me several lovely shots and would look back at the camera when I called him.

Here he is stalking up the wash in the late afternoon sun.

This was shot on Provia slide film.

This guy and his sister were born under the bushes in my backyard. In fact, one of my cats who was a feral desert stray, was raised with them by the most extraordinary mother bobcat. My cat finally adopted me and came to live with me inside to stay when his surrogate siblings decided he'd make a better snack than playmate.
The mother bobcat had two more litters under the bushes and getting to see the babies and have them come back to visit was a treat.
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I love encounters like that! That bobcat is beautiful, nice capture.
Beautiful creature, nice shot!
Wonderful photo, and a great story to go along with it!
Thank you all! It was a special moment and I am lucky to have shared my life with these beautiful creatures for so long.
wow, what a story, and what a creature to be able to see from your house! Thanks for sharing
amazing encounter. thanks for sharing!
+Alan Shapiro sends us your way to wish you a Happy Birthday and cheer sing and wish you all the best!

Lovely looking cats you have in your backyard there! Great to have nature in your immediate surroundings.
WHAT?! That is crazy! How absolutely fantastic, Lee! I'd love to see a photo of your "domestic bobcat" - just for fun. :-) Happy birthday, by the way!
Simply Fabulous Lee. And a great story with it too.
Wonderful to be able to be so close to them.. great image.
+Ben Locke Thank you! As they were born in my backyard, I often had the chance and, in fact, had to be careful about the gardening back there in case I woke one of them.
+Eliyahna VanKurin Thank you so much!
+Stephen Zacharias What a treat - thank you!
+Kelli Seeger Kim I'll find one for you... he's a sweetheart.
+AnnMarie Jones These moments are the real barrier to emigration, not the sunshine. You would have loved it and have done just what I did.
Thanks, +Janet Nix !
Beautiful Lee! I love bobcats and am very jealous right now. Thanks for sharing this pic.
They're so beautiful. What a treat to have them right there. Truly a gift. And what a gorgeous moment you captured here. Love this story :)
You had a moment. You captured it. You shared it with us. You rock.
+Lee Daniels: lucky you! I seem to have Lynx (think they are related) on the mountain I live on, but never spotted them so far. Hopefully I have a camera with me when I do one day :-)
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