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Hoodoo Moon

Tonight we will have gentle clouds and a soft moon after last nights fiery explosion.

for +CloudPoker by +Keith Dixon and +Trisha Standard
and for #panopoker by +Barry Blanchard , +Mike Spinak and +Tony Payne
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This is so unbelievably fantastic. I love how the horizontal lines in the rock are echoed in the clouds.
Wow! This is stunning!

Just wow!
Come visit and I'll take you there. Someone had better bring +Barry Blanchard as well. You know he'll pout if he doesn't get to be here.
Too funny, +Tony Payne ! It's good to wait until there are clouds. Starting mid-July or so through at least October. Boring skies right now.
Um, Lee? I think I know which file I want. Dat one. Right there.
And all three of you need to rent a trailer and come here, damnit.
Gorgeous! Great color and that moon too! Just lovely!
+Tony Payne I didn't see the first comment. Thank you so much! It was a special night. Spectacular. Hundreds of shots and mostly good.
+Chris Chabot Yours is richer in beauty and context and I was truly inspired to find a gentler sunset. I know I have others more delicate, but none that would compare to yours.
+Lee Daniels, I wish I had your talent for inspirational comments that can remotivate a frustrated artist. I hope you know how much the feedback and encouragement you give is appreciated.
Oh! +Tony Payne , wow! It's all there in your images. Your images tell me what to say. I'm just the typist.
+Lee Daniels saying it's all the image that makes her write such wonderful things, is like michael angelo saying the sculpture was already in the rock, and he just removed the excess bits.
Exactly, +Chris Chabot. Her modesty speaks to the wonderful person that she is but only she could create those masterpieces of motivation.
See +Chris Chabot ! You get it! Its true.

And +Tony Payne please stop or I will go away and when I come back I'll be mute from self-consciousness and just plus everyone's posts.
Actually +Tony Payne & +Chris Chabot, everyone brings such unique vision and beauty and insight here everyday that I am constantly inspired and could not expressing my joy in that if I tried.
+C. Corey Fisk I've been put through the ringer with a company called +X-Rite Photo.

This is why I have not shown up with a picture for you (+Mike Spinak as well), because I needed calibration stuff for my printer to work as I want it to.

Tomorrow I get something new, and I HOPE TO GOD this works as expected.

Then we will show up.

Then, for others who want to decorate your home, they can just send me the file and I can print it for them.
The colors are so spectacular ! this is one of those pictures that make your eyeballs tired from looking at it over an over :)
+Barry Blanchard I would have loaned you mine. Let me know if you still need. And I promised Mo my archival printer, but if you need it...
+Lee Daniels you are such a gem.

I knew this, even over the internet.

One day we will fix that... Arizona is calling my name. Big time.
+Barry Blanchard See my profile picture? That was this magic night.
And come when the clouds go nuts. It's unreal.
You and Alan are such nice little brothers. You make me proud. :)
+Barry Blanchard -- Colin got me a remarkably good for it's price photo printer and we've started covering my walls with 4x6 and 8x10s dancing around our larger pieces from the fundraiser for +Charles Crawford. Somehow this has developed a pirate theme along one side of my bedroom/gallery...
+Mike Spinak Thank you! We'll do a swap. I come there and shoot birds and critters with you, you come here and shoot sunrise/sunsets. And hummingbirds of course.
So everyone but me gets an answer? I'll assume you're stunned by my pirate wall to be! (If you take this seriously I will beat you, woman!)
+C. Corey Fisk Wait, what? I answered about the print and darn it, I have comments showing up in my email and not here for the longest time. I'm confused. And of course I want to come out there. I just popped back in while looking for the file to send you. Did I miss something again?
Heh -- I'm doing a pirate themed wall. I was shocked that you let it pass without comment. (But you were flooded with comments.)
Oh I saw it, +C. Corey Fisk and was immediately in fear for Edison and the potential for costume abuse. I was merely deciding what action to take first. Call Central Casting or the Humane Society?... :P
Tuan Le
Fantastic image Lee. Great colors and I like the way the rocks point to that beautiful moon.
+Tuan Le Praise indeed coming from you! I appreciate it so much! Thank you.
Such a beautiful shot!
See? That's been happening all night. When I left an hour ago, +Barry Blanchard and +Lynne Goodwin 's comment about a photowalk wasn't here for me to see. I would have answered that yes, it is a wonderful idea and let me do some thinking.
The comments show up in my email notification, but not on the post. Frustrating.
jac jac
Belíssima imagem !!
Love, love the the colors and composition.
Spectacularly beautiful image, but it's hard for me to take my eyes off of that rock guy, bottom center. I think he is trying to tell us something!
I know...I know...I'll post soon....just trying to get the hang of this site first
I wanna be eloquent and speak to the memories of the millenia as seen through the hoodoo gaze. I want to howl at the moon after an epic climb saying "I think I can, I think I can..." in native tongues. I want to fluff the clouds and tuck them in each night. But I also wanna giggle like a 6 year old and say "do you see what I see..." grin
Complete with the deluxe vibrating Rabbit ears, yes.
+Alan Shapiro That was an amazing comment.
Until the last sentence. Honestly, I'd love to be your big sister, but I worry about the residual effects of Mom spoiling you and the maturity level. :D
Seriously great visual. This is on my standard tour for visitors, and if you and +C. Corey Fisk think that one's something, there is an entire mountainside of them...
+C. Corey Fisk God, the pirates have eaten your maturity... :)
but not your creativity. Rabbit ears?
+Lee Daniels I soooo need a big sister. And given that I still see you towering over the landscape (metaphorically and intellectually speaking), you fit on multiple levels. And mom so didn't spoil me. In fact quite the opposite (sigh) But it made me try extra hard to make people happy so I guess I can't complain.
As far as +C. Corey Fisk and her rabbit ears, welll....uhhhhh.....yup. But the only vibrating is coming from her fancy-ass bed.
+Alan Shapiro I promise to change the profile pic soon - it's just not a good time for a selfy. I do have slightly older ones with an actual face and I'll think about one of those, but will probably wait. Besides, I'm much better on my rock.

You do make people happy. You don't even have to try.
Oh, I can definitely see the similarity, Lee. Great analogy!
Hey, Alan -- you can have one just like it! $3000 or loss of your ability to move and 9 months of paperwork hell.

Big sis, you are aware than one of my dozens of part time gigs was sex ed, nu?
Si, si sister... I remember :) And you should see what's just beyond these....
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