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Again, I want to say how amazing this community is and how this outpouring of love and good wishes and donations is astounding and overwhelming me.  I am inarticulate today from the generosity you have shown.  
My mother is flying in and is due to walk in any minute, so I will be spending time with her over the next few days as well as have a couple appointments.  Please forgive my absence, but know that you are all in my thoughts constantly and that your love and good energy surrounds me and is sustaining me as I face this challenge.  Thank you all so very much.  I love you.
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Dawn M
Sending hugs your way!!!!
Best wishes and healing vibes sent your way! Good luck! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Love is streaming in +Lee Daniels. I only hope it helps in some way. I am glad that you have your mother with you as you go through this. Support means a lot.
Cherish your mom. Forget about us. We'll be here when your mom goes home! Love you lots! {{{hugs}}}
Thanks for keeping us posted. You are always in my thoughts. 
Sending hugs and prayers your way
Prayers and strength to you....get well soon!
Much love to you Lee!! ♥♥♥  Here's to you getting much better soon!
Take care of you first.  We'll be here when you get back. :) *squeeze*
Ada M
take care, be strong and we are here! We will always be here!!
Please Lee,
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I am so glad your Mother is there. Love to you both:)
I think that we are all very grateful to be able to help. Doing good for others is good for the soul. Sending good thoughts your way for peace and healing.
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