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Ruffle Me

For #MinistractMonday curated by the inventive +Tom McLaughlan
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Oh this is great! The color and texture is wonderful, you cannot help but smile when you see it.
Amazing colors and textures, well seen and captured!
Oh yes!! This is why I love ministract photography - people like you with your keen eye present us with such wonderful takes on life. Wonderful shot +Lee Daniels and many thanks indeed.
Thank you so much, +Tom McLaughlan for your wonderful comment and for sharing this. It is a personal favorite and I couldn't resist photographing this feathery cascade when it turned its back on me.
wow, thanks for information ;)
sorry, not immediately recognized ;) ;)
Stunning! The feathered bird must be a show stopper!
You are an absolute star with that camera! Gorgeousity!
Incredible as always Lee.
Oh my, +Lee Daniels !!! What a gorgeous abstract this is ... elegant, intense and so so beautiful ... magnificent details in those splendid feathers !
Hah! "Take that, you silly photographer!" And you did, and made something great of it.
I know it's feathers but I see thin feathered carot slices :)
me love this ... me love this much ...
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