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Lee Daniels

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A most happy Christmas to all!

Since I will only be online sporadically, I want to wish everyone a joyful holiday and new year!

I've been in the hospital since last Wednesday and I'll be in a few more days as well. Fractured knee, tibia, with complications that was left too long because no insurance and could not get care. Operation for a temp fix tomorrow. Good times...

However, getting some care now and it's a start!

The sweet little tree in the window is from the inestimable +Kris Silva who brought me essentials from home - camera, lenses,fresh batteries, single coffee maker, snacks - and then stopped and bought this tree and decorations and wore her jingly reindeer antlers while we decorated. Huge grins here!

You all can make me happy by having the warmest hug filled holidays and filling your days with rich memories!
Love to you all 
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Good morning my friend. :))
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Lee Daniels

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or rabbit hole?
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+Lee Daniels Well, it doesn't look like you're anywhere near the Phantom Toolbooth so you should be all set.
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Lee Daniels

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Some days....
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so nice
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Geminid Preview

The Geminid Meteor Shower peaks tonight and tomorrow morning in the wee hours.  If last night's and this morning's activity is any indication, it will be amazing.  Here are just 3 of them - quick and dirty processing - that started around 9 pm last night and lasted till about 6 am this morning.  
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Lee Daniels

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 I Haz a Grump

The week is not starting well.  Yesterday, a flood of sewer water came surging through my kitchen sink, flooding the kitchen and adjacent dining area.  Apartment management has been minimally responsive.and has not returned any call or email. They vacuumed the water and put a commercial dryer on the rug.  They sent a plumber who snaked the drain and called it fixed, though anyone knows that will not take care of the underlying problem of the sewer water mixing in with the potable water.  They did not clean the kitchen,  the surfaces are still contaminated.  I have pathogens multiplying all over and a compromised immune system.  I have an untreated  fractured tibia and torn ACL:(no insurance=no treatment) and every hopping movement is agony.    I can't get to my refrigerator easily and any other food must be thrown out, including that in the cabinets because the germs are airborne as well and if they weren't before, the dryer fan is giving them a heck of a ride.  
Yes, the county has been notified.  So far, no joy.
That's just for starters.  

Yes, I haz a grump.

Just needed to scream for a minute.  No response necessary.  
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Fair Warning

for #wildlifewednesday  with +Morkel Erasmus and +Mike Spinak 
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Lee Daniels

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A huge hug of thanks to  +Kris Silva  for helping me single-handedly wrangling my kitchen after the plumbing overflows and nastiness of last week.  She didn't just clean, she sterilized my kitchen as if it were the most sensitive lab in the world.  Every single dish and container and utensil - all washed and scalded.  The floor, the surfaces, the inside of the refrigerator.  All suspect food tossed. All cans and boxes wiped down.  I'm blinded not only by the purity, but by her generosity, energy and great company.  Kris is a talented writer and illustrator with a heart as big they coime.  Witty, sharp with a wicked sense of humor and a wonderful whimsical side, she is a great person to have by your side.  You hardly even notice her OCD - just a flicker of longing as she surveys the rest of your world that clearly needs her discipline.
So here's a silly, undisciplined scamp of a flower with thanks on every unruly petal.   I promise to let you have at the new shelves  my mom bought for me you when they get here.   
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hi i'm friend with eileen gren have you talked to her
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Lee Daniels

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Stars Fell On Arizona

The Geminid meteor shower did not disappoint. Tom's Trees were treated to a showy night and morning of "oooooooo"s and "ahhhhhhs"

Saturday, 12-14-2013 05:54 am, Tucson, AZ
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Youre Star ,is there now too +Lee Daniels
My condolancens to youre loved ones,family and friends.I wish all of them the strenght ,and good luck,for missing you.May you be surrounded by the Angels,dear Lee.
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Lee Daniels

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Formation Flying

A small squadron of vultures patrols the sky.  I hear "Ride of the Valkyries"  ...
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i love this music and your photo!
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Lee Daniels

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The light of singular, the power of many

"Yes, there is some special providence in the fall of a sparrow,"   Nelson Mandela

And they will gather  in your light and fly free with your spirit.
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superbe !
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Photographer, Writer, & Chasing Magic
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Outdoor & Fine Art Photographer; Senior Writer, Community Manager (on leave) at Female Photographer Magazine

It’s about light and passion.  Passionate light, playful light, moody, broody light.  Light that caresses, that seeks out shadows or creates them, that catches the single bright instance, that defines shape and dimension.  It’s about natural light and how the world filters the glow from first light to golden dusk.

It's about Inspiration.  Being inspired by the wonder of the world around me. Being inspired by others and hoping to inspire others with my photography and stories.  I want people to  look around with wide-eyed wonder and embrace the magic that surrounds them.

I am constantly excited by the talent I find on G+ and nothing gives me as much pleasure as the viewing the the unique views and perspectives that appear here daily.  There is a renaissance of artists and visionaries coming together in galvanizing collaborations.and to be able to participate in this new world is energizing!  

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