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Someone called me an adorable geek. I like that. =D
Someone called me an adorable geek. I like that. =D
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#StyleItMP14     Honors Album! for Masterpiece Challenge 2
Style It! Masterpiece Project 2014
Birds & the Bees

Here is our HONORS album from our SECOND challenge for the Style It Masterpiece Project 2014 run by myself +lane langmade

In this challenge members had 6 weeks to create ONE masterpiece that included the following:

Theme: Birds & the Bees
Tech: Mother Nature Macros

 Below, In this album the #StyleIt   moderators  have carefully selected top honors for this round or 'best in shot.'  These honors winners created masterpieces and met both challenge requirements.. doing a nature macro while also bringing something special or extraordinary to the shot -- whether in the 'concept', the way it was captured, creative use of lighting, the composition, or the sheer difficulty in getting the shot! The honors winners are: 

+Eric Raeber 
+Desiree Winkler 
+Annica Nykvist 
+Connie Buser 

Congrats to all of you challengers who completed both studies (mini, and "flower power) for the challenge and got knee deep in dirt, and braved the perilous 'natural world' to finish your final masterpiece! You should be so proud of yourselves. These are truly wonderful images and ART and could hang in any gallery!   

#StyleItMP14 Challenge 3 Honors Album: Birds & the Bees
4 Photos - View album

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Our sorta foster brother took his perpetual vows with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) the other day. =)

#Lumia1520  for #LumiaStories  
(Life with Minion series)

#QuezonCity   #Philippines  

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Found in Casa Vallejo. I would have missed it were it not for a friend's eagle eyes.  The word "bintana" comes from the Spanish "ventana". The Philippine language contains a lot of Spanish words because it was colonised by Spain for three hundred years before it was colonised by Hollywood, I mean, America, for nearly 50 years.

Life with Minion series
#Lumia1520 #Window #BaguioCity #Philippines

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Merienda Cena at #VOCAS

(Life with Minion series)
/ #lumia1520 #BaguioCity #Philippines /

I've been active on Instagram lately. It was easier but I miss G+ so I decided to post here what I'm posting there. =)

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May: Portraiture


Funny thing happened to me a while ago...I deleted this from The B&W Project my defence, it's 130 in the morning. O_O

This is my nephew. He has autism and is usually very hyper but I managed to corner him and take this photo. It was a bit blurry but by the time I tweaked the settings he was gone so I processed this to imitate a sketch. Incorporated +Pat Kight's suggestion on the right eye.

curated by:
+Tisha Craw
+Susan Porter
+Brandon Luk

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I Love Chocolates

Trying out uploading from the #Lumia1520 . Processed using Nokia's photo app. Watermarked with QuickWaterMark. Uploaded using UC Browser. There is no official G+ app on a Windows phone but UC Browser lets me upload at least even if I couldn't upload to a particular folder on Photos.

#NokiaColourPop   #ChocolatesAt4AM

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Life with Minion series

I played around with the apps I found on the Windows Store. This is a chandelier hanging from the lobby of Venus Hotel in Baguio City. I took a photograph of this without using filters but the RAW file wasn't uploaded into SkyDrive so I decided to stick with this for now. =)

+Nokia  #Lumia1520  for #LumiaStories

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Ice Punch Poinsettia
Life with Minion Series

Baguio City is in full bloom this month because of the month-long flower festival, Panagbenga. I took a walk at Burnham Park where, aside from food stalls mainly for making money off the festival, there were flower vendors and the festival's landscape entries.

curated by +Tamara Pruessner 
with +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson +Eustace James 

also for
+Nokia's #LumiaStories  

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I just built a TARDIS on Lego's Build with Chrome =D It's a pretty cool game. I just can't rotate it in the link the way I was rotating the board while I was building it.

#DoctorWho   #TARDIS   #Lego   #BuildWithChrome  
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