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Lee Cameron
Above all, people should know that I'm a woman, a muslim, and a Mexican
Above all, people should know that I'm a woman, a muslim, and a Mexican

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A Lie by Any Other Name

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Question about Data Sim card - do you think it will work on an iphone 7 bought from VZ Wireless?

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Sorry if this excellent story re the origen of the Pixel and showing Googles greater commitment this time around

after 4 days I'm liking my 5" Pixel. I didn't need it at all but indulge in my habit of trying high-end androids. This phone has been widely praised but complaints about over-pricing abound so I'll set out the "value proposition" vs other androids:

1) updates & security direct from Google

2) 5" size: high-end phones this small are rare (Samsung Galaxy notable exception); large phone buffs have so many choices at much lower prices

3) Unlimited Full resolution photo storage - this could be worth serious $$ to a camera buff over time

4) No bloatware or duplication of apps

5) a birdseye view to Google's push towards AI and virtual assistance/VR

Your thoughts?

the reason to avoid Iphone for me has never been that it isn't the best (this is a matter of taste). It is the lock-in to an ecosystem that demands you overpay for technology by 20-30 percent FOREVER. Look at the variety and creativity of 8 years of Android. 

against my better judgement and dislike of corporatism and company loyalty I'm a Google fanboy. Advice to Pixel whiners: accept the high price and say Big Google offers lifetime unlimited full resolution FREE STORAGE. after 3 months with the IPHONE taking a few pix they're begging for money to increase storage.

Be like the Boston Red Sox Fan who like to overpay for beer at the games because it gives the owners more money to buy talent and beat the competition. So Android fanboys just own it and pay up for what is very good (if not always immediately the best). you've been getting a terrific bargain for 8 years.

got my 5" Pixel today - beastly quick !!
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