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Lee Brewer
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Attended Greenville Technical College
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Lee Brewer

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A rare glimpse into the musical world of Lee_Bo.
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A little +Square Groove Radio on the 80" touch screen monitor.

Oh yes, it's that good.
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Lee Brewer

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Lee Brewer

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Yeah baby!!!! The Shining!!!!!
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You see the movie Room 237?
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Well, I guess the more popular +Google+ gets, the more this is going to happen.  Now, I'm used to getting the emails, but today I get a post shared directly with me.
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Awesome!  Now you can get that new Nexus 7.... and that Porsche that you always wanted....
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Lee Brewer

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Alright, boys and girls.  WAKE UP!!!  You know what day it is, right????
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Lee Brewer

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Big Daddy's getting brave tonight.  After popping up a batch of popcorn, I sprinkled it with some +Above the Coals BBQ/Grill Seasonings 2-Alarm seasoning.

One word:  YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Might have to try that.
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Sweet.  I made the cut for +Jason Levy's Glitter Team Elite Engager Circle. 
This is my Glitter Team Elite Engager Circle

As it has been some time since I posted a #teamelite circle, my   #teamelite circles have a fabulous theme this time, so they are named Sparkle and Glitter. You'll notice there are only two of them this time, as I am now making sure everyone has added me before I share them.

*     #teamelite  members - see nearer the end for instructions for the next stage!     #eliteinnercircle *

I have had so many great     #teamelite  engagers that I need two whole circles - why are they     #teamelite  engagers, as opposed to normal engagers? These are the ones who have shared my shared circles - you have close to 1,400 circle sharers here for you to add across these three circles. You should add people in these circles, because they are active engagers and will brighten up your Google Plus experience. I'm not sure you could handle all that Google Plus engagement, so think twice before you do so!

My     #teamelite  circles are extensively shared by the top circle sharers on Google Plus, so naturally, membership of     #teamelite  is very exclusive and there is a lot of demand to get in.

To get in, and to ensure you stay in     #teamelite  you need to do the following:

1. Add me to your circles, if you haven't done so already
2. +1 this circle
3. Publicly share this circle to public, your circles and extended circles.
4. If possible, leave a comment on this circle so I know you have done the three steps above (I say "if possible" as my circle comments more often than not hit the 500 comment limit).

To get into my     #eliteinnercircle  you need to share my Sparkle and Glitter     #teamelite  circles, as well as my current   #eliteinnercircle circle. You can find them here:

Elite Inner Circle:
Sparkle Team Elite Engager:
Glitter Team Elite Engager:

#circleshare       #circlesharing       #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles       #publiccircle       #teamelitecircle   #teameliteengagecircle     #dontconfusethecircles  

I don't wish to offend anyone on the internet, so if you would like to be removed from my shared circles, please send me a private message and I won't share your profile in the future. The only way being shared will affect you is that you will get notifications that people have added you. You are under no obligation to add them back to your circles. If you don't add them back, they will most likely remove you from their circles after some time.

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Lee Brewer

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Trying for a change to win a license to a pretty cool app.  :-)
Today 50 Copy Giveaway

As thanks for the the great feedback i received during the beta and launch period of Today, I'm giving away 50 Pro copies! ($150 value) 

Simply +1 this post, reshare it and circle me to be entered into the draw.

Check it out here:

Good Luck!
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Lee Brewer

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Just saying. :-)

Thanks +Alex Garcia for the post.
I remember when I made this.

It's still true. 
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Well said sir... well said.
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A closed mind is an empty mind. There are at least two ways to do anything.
I've been in IT not long before the Windows 3.1 days and I have seen a lot of things come and go.  I have a strong passion for what I do and I firmly believe there is always at least two ways to do something.
Bragging rights
I've been a Google+ user since June of 2011, when the first beta invites went out. I've also been using an Android phone since OS version .8 (beta). I'm married to the most wonderful and loving woman in the world and I'm truly blessed to have a great son.
  • Greenville Technical College
    Information Technolory
Basic Information
Looking for
Sr Systems Administrator - I make sure all our internal users computers and servers are working, as well as all the software running on those machines. I manage a room of 18 servers, 35 Android tablets and mifi's that or service techs use along with their mobile phones. I'm also responsible for our internal digital signage displays, digital white boards and video wall. I'm also on the board of directors for the Southeast Linuxfest Foundation.
  • Sharp Business Systems
    Sr Network Administrator, 2007 - present
  • Nuvox Communications
    Data Repair Technician, 2002 - 2007
  • East Coast Metal Distributors
    Systems Administrator, 1995 - 2002
  • All Temp Mechanical
    Help Desk Administrator, 1990 - 1995
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Greenville, SC
Try the lemon pepper dry rub wings. The also have great burgers and sandwiches. Likes: *Reasonably priced *Friendly staff *Can accommodate a large group Dislikes: *Open mic night most nights, sit in the back room if you want to have a conversation
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Can get busy at patient.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Best kimchi anywhere.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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