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Hey folks! We are just a few hours away (east coast time), from Citrus Salmon and Oriental Green Beans tonight at So there is still time to swing over to the site for your ingredients list, and join us for dinner tonight. And don't forget, as always, it's FREEEEE! -Lee
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This will be part of a hangout right? can we join and watch? I don't have the ingredients lined up...
+Jannifer Stoddard tonight's is being held on Webex from our website, You can go to the homepage in about 40 minutes and there will be a link to join us in the top center of the page.

And come along just to take notes, too! This is a VERY tasty prep for salmon!
Oooh I can't join it as I have Google Chrome, which is not supported on Webex.
Yes, I have a Chromebook, but I was assuming it was due to the Chrome browser.
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