In today's news: My personal credit card suffered attacks by and also by ... an unexpected, and off-putting experience from web vendors I trusted before today. I swiped my credit card at lunch time to purchase a $10.36 waterproof tarp to cover a small deck area at my home because it is winter, and it rains in the winter *:-| I did not expect and to forcibly prevent me from making the purchase. My credit card was declined at the hardware store pop, with no explanation available. Irritating at this point, because at this time of year, who knows, perhaps I really DID purchase that multi-thousand dollar enterainment system after all and had exceeded my limit. But wait, no, I have no specific recollection of such an event *:-| So, off to the bank that holds and guarantees my credit card. 23 minutes of face to face teller time later, my card is active again, with the following explanation of why e-bank security locked the card, from the bank's "E-banking Security Officer": Both and have been attacking my account attempting to revive the auto-renew capability that I had turned off and the attack they both used was to continuously run new expiry date guess combinations against my card to attempt to get around the fact that I don't want the services of or any more, and that I very purposely did not update my credit card information on either site, and very consciously informed both that I would not be renewing service with them. Consider yourselves warned, and I am sad about this *:-(
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