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Model-Actress-Dancer-Artist-Fashion Designer
Model-Actress-Dancer-Artist-Fashion Designer

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Dude asked about SYRIA.

Syria is on the list.

Is this kid stupid?

He goes to college I think.

I sent him this link,but t0ld him my keyboard is dying and I use my computer for WORKING not arguing

why must I supply the proof about refugee RAPES to that,what I thought might be a friend?

Why must I prove Syrian refugees can be terrorists?

Why should I waste my time?

I'd rather use this computer to make a little money!!!!!!!

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Found in the Trump for President LinkedIn group

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Every day I work. ell ALMOST every day.I like working (if it's fun) .Money is as good as any way to keep score.

Some days I work hard, some days I work smart.

Working in my sleep, is smart working.

President Trump is a role model for me.

I know it's rude to FLAME,and personal attacks are not nice on the internet...BUT if you are a woman and you blame WOMEN for their " culpability" in getting RAPED...then I will call names and I will call you out and I will say vile things.

Rape is vile.If you excuse it you are like the rapist.Scum, needing to be gone.

I refuse to be politically correct.

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h/t +Jacques Dupuis

IF I were a citizen of her country she would get my vote.

I would never wear any of that Islamic modesty scarf crap NO WAY NO HOW
GO Marine Le Pen, presidential candidate for France's far-right National Front party, has cancelled a meeting with Lebanon's grand mufti after refusing to wear a headscarf for the encounter.

"You can pass on my respects to the grand mufti, but I will not cover myself up," Le Pen told reporters on Tuesday.

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Women do not want this!!!!!!!!

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President Trump was right!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm missing some garterbelts!!!!!!!!

h/t +Jacques Dupuis

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