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Daayum/.The security guard @ this library is a longhaired Rock En Espanol type.

I shall apologize to him for my "bad attitude". (!) (I'll say to him he was just doing his job/.

The desk clerk reminds me of Roger Daltrey.Curly grey hair and specs that ,i just wanna pinch him.I shall thank him for letting me in with my Thanksgiving grocery cart.

Shameless Scorpio here!

PS fb won;t get this post.

Are some Fb pages WITHOUT a link to add them as a friend?
my BFF is on here but rarely checks the interenet.
I was able to send her an IM on here BUt how come i cannot "friend" her?
We know each other in real life and she is my Besat Friend.
All the strangers can try to "friend me but my REAL friend, i can't befriend on facebook?
WHY is this?
Facebook makes little sense.
Aren't we supposed to find people we KNOW?
I want to find and talk to my friend.And folks i relate with.


Today.... wow last night i had Leg Cramps...3 times....arrgfh how vile....THEn i got up again due to a pimp and hooker screaming right under my i followed the advice of a local Police Officer and i dumped water on them from my room THEN used the kitchen sprayer.... (!)

Turns out ghetto trash hates getting rained on.


So i will lay low as I can considering I am ME.

So today is a BIG day for me.

(Library security tried to not let me bring my laundry cart in.... DO NOT fuck up my Thanksgiving!!!!!)

Aftter i post this I shall go on my dayjob site to retrieve some ULTA gift cards.the nearest ULTA is in the same shopping center as Best Buy and they told me they DO take my e-gift cards!

I am hand copying the serial numbers.Yay.Makeup for ME who worked so many tedious hours for them.

Wh4en i leave there i go Immediately to Save A Lot for Grocery Shopping.....Hope this cart does not break.I have not BEEN to Save A Lot since i broke the LAST cart,thats how i had to buy THIS cart which is fragile. AND guess who forgot a jitney ticket.

I will bring groceries home THEN go back to the bus station to be @ Best Buy.

My appointment to get my computers is at 7 pm.Plenty of time after THAT to go to ULTA.

Maybe i may not have time to search Target for suitable digital cameras.Anyhow shpouldn't i wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday @ Newegg?

But for the last 3 years NewEgg has had NO cheap point and shoot digital cameras/.

I cannot have a video button i need to press down hard and keep pressed.

But i cannot see spending 199 bucks on a camera i might LOSE or drop.

I wish some more folks would suggest how to do data recovery. Thanks to those who did.

Please forgive this post being on most of my social media.I';m strapped for time here.

Any of you with "decades of experience".

How do i do a data recovery.

I cannot make an external enclosure of that broken HDD to extract its data.

The Purple computer, they GOT its data.I'm still under warranty with HP so I WILL get it fixed.

Maybe I should get a digital camera for filming?But the video button needs to be easy to press down.I need to press it then set it down to film and each of my digital cams i used to have, the only way I could shoot video was to tightly hold the button down.It was almost impossible to do even for a song at a concert.NOW that i got arthritis in both hands its even harder BUT the lowest priced one that did it was 199.00 for a Canon,i wrote down the specs @ Best Buy.They told me it was cheaper at Target (which happens to be at the same shopping center as Best Buy).

I still don;t think i can put 200 bucks on the credit card.

But i need to resume my youtube videosI already lost a sub! (Subscriber).

Okay now i must go check Facebook,then work my dayjon.Got 11 minutes left.


AAARGH how did i click something and get a bunch of code?

Okay take 2.

Best Buy called me Saturday.They want me to pick up my computers from them.I was waiting to call them because i still cannot afford the $1,600 to do a data restore attempt .

I was quoted it starts at 399.00.

I don't have that either.

IF i was a criminal they would scrub my computers and extract the data.

BUT i am a good human and so i must pay.

Damn them all.

So Tuesday at 7 pm i'm supposed to get them.I had to make an appointment.Even a time.And they KNOW i have to bus it from Atlantic City!

Sometime today I'm calling Ulta makeup.Usually i buy online from them but IF they say i can use my gift cards (i only have serial numbers NOT physical cards) that would be the only way.

My Dayjob NOW offers Virtual ViSA which is easier.But still is not for in person shopping.

Buying online is a hassle because ULTA and many other stores only allow ONE payment method so if i have say 3 25 dollar gift cards, I gotta telephone them and get them to combine 3 cards.Email me THAT code THEN i make my purchase.,

OR maybe i can do it over the phone.

I never got to celebrate my birthday.It came and went.

Okay i AM grateful i got to see "Mullett", that hair band @ Golden Nugget.BUT i wish i had gotten a photo with them.All 4 were really easy to look at.It was my chance to be seen with "my type", in my little town that does not HAVE my type in it.BUT NOOO nbobody offered to take my pic with their damn CELL PHONES.

(Not that i ASKED mind you.I expect people to be mind readers plus i did not want the band to think i knew that woman i was seated next to.She was a not trans but transvestite....and us 2 together made ME look masculine.I donl;t judge BUT as i AM single i must not shoot myself in the foot socially when i finally see some attractive folks.)

People were told it was my day that night but eh,who cares when we are grown ups right?Besides its always embarrassing when strangers ask me where are my friends.That always makes me feel like i'm some kind of a loser or something.

Are we nobody,are we chopped liver, if we are alone?

I'm always being asked by strangers where are your friends?Who are you with?

Am I not enough for you people?

AND why is it "okay" for you to ask me what I'm writing in my notebook when i would NEVER think to ask what you are tap tap tapping at on your silly little screen?

AND if my purse is a creative box style WHY do silly MEN (its ALWAYS males) ask me what i'm carrying?

Sure its a lunch box on the dance flooor.Shut Up you big dummy!!!!!!!!!

PS Yesterday 11/19 was my sober birthday.

Nov 19, 2001 i quit chemicals.

Nov 19, 2004 I quit booze.

Big whoop.

Now if the man next to me here @ the library would STOP grunting like a turtle porn star I'd be moderately happy. (Watch animal planet and know how tortoises "do it".) * giggles *


I went out Friday night because i felt obligated to.I know it is FOMO, Fear of Missing Out.I always feel i SHOULD go out even if i suspect the music will suck.I always think maybe this is the night i will meet someone special.

Well i forced myself.I waited til 2 am,i wanted the band to be gone,i don;t wanna hear sucky pop music or hip hop cRap!

The DJ was a DJ i never saw before.It was REALLY cold,like 32 i think.Or maybe 27 I forget.

The crowd was just half what it often is.AND much more 50-50 Black and White...and ALL the music was cRap:-(

I only lasted 15 minutes.Life is too short for bad music.Rap "music" chased me OUTTA there

HipHop often makes me angry.Like i wanna punch somebody in the face.The lyrics are so nasty, violent and woman hating!

There was no change on the dance flooor,no poker chips on the carpet,no cash out slips on any slot machines.

And next door in Caesars, they moved the Sweet n Lows to next to the cash register instead of by trash cans in the middle of the hallway where the bakery is (near Gordon Ramsay's restaurant).So i cannot swipe sweetners for my coffee.

(Hey poverty survival and all that.Please don;t judge me.Life is too short for coffee without no calorie and non carcinogenic ,sweetener.Sweet N Low is the safest one i know of and has NO aftertaste.Sorry but Stevia tastes NASTY any brand of THAT i tried.AND sugar when i used that, i put on a few pounds.NOT acceptable.,)

I actually regretted going out.

So Saturday night it was supposed to rain.Did it?I stayed home.(Why izzit the AC Weekly did NOT say DJs and bands under their Casino Lounges and Clubs section?)

No i did not go to library Sat but i wish i did but how could i have gotten there in time when it closed at 5:30?

Good Morning world (Google Plus gets the truth and will always be my preferred way to communicate!).

I saw Cass the Cat,he does not know me from the far side of that vacant lot,and i tried to approach him but he ran away.

I had a windy chilly 4 mile walk to the library.THEN had to wait a good half hour for it to open because i assumed it opened at 9 am NOT 9:30. AAAAND I am, NOT a morning person unless there is money attached (like a job).

Smokers waiting for it to open.Grrr.I was gagging,being downwind... and trying to move but also needing to avoid the SUN.I got greasy SPF 30.Its too windy to carry an umbrella (besides,umbrellas and heavy briefcases are not a fun mix especially with arthritis in both hands.)

I hope by doing my library internet session now, this way i can get home before Good Roommate returns from her doctors appointment.

Dear current and future roommates of mine (probably not seeing this0.IF you know you will need change for your bus fare PLEASE do not ask me the morning you need it.

Ask me before i go to bed the night prior so i don;t hafta waste my getting ready time tearing my messy room apart like a cyclone hit it.

m'kay thanks!

Anybody with any petitions for me to sign PLEASE make sure i know where the area is to put my name.

I'm @ the library and i don;t have accounts with all those foreign companies and besides...anything sent private you know i can not repost.If i were at home with a working computer i could figure it out (all that time!) but i don;t HAVE all that time.

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