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gray male cat w and eye infection and a little beat up, being treated but living outside. ... Caretaker seeking a home for him please share with others

Can someone please rescue this sweet kitty. Merle has FeLV and is being treated for a bad eye infection, ear mites and an upper respiratory infection. He is a gray unneutered male kitty who looks like he has had such a tough life. His age is unknown. He is being kept in a dog cage outside which can’t he conducive to his healing from all his physical ailments. His immune system is already compromised. Plus it’s cold outside in Philly especially overnight. Merle needs a loving foster or adopter to take good care of him. His pictures below is heartbreaking. If you can rescue this poor baby please contact Kim Murdock ASAP:

Emily Tadloc
Volunteer Crossposter for
Animal Rescue
Charlotte, NC
**Please don't breed or buy
while so many homeless animals die.
**Please don’t litter.
Spay and neuter tour critter.

"I don't believe in the concept of hell but if I did I would think of it as filled with people who were
cruel to animals ." - Gary Larson

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Okay for my own protection if i think you will hate me for being an infidel i gotta do the block thing then unblock, which was supposed to make somebody uncircle you.

I simply MUST feel FREE to speak my mind about what I fear and what I hate.

Just like, if one of my real life enemies "friended" me.I don't need being monitored on social media.
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What's up with my cornrows?Are you curious?And what's a White chick doing with them?

(No I do not address SJW stuff,i only talk about how I do my hair and what my plans are as I enjoy my braids for the rest of the month in preparation for Halloween and my birthday).

I don;t say anything specific.
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WHYIZZIT i totally xed out ALL dayjob tabs i had open (the vids i play for pay) but occasionally a snippet of an AD blasts....even when i am recording a Youtube video!

I can;t help it when i run those vids on my breaking machine i rarely get ads so i don't get paid.So I run them on THIS machine UNTIL i am filming OR i am watching a youtube live stream from my teachers.

So must I clear my cache to avoid getting those ads playing when i'm not consenting to noise interference?

I obviously cannot have other audio in my background during a filming.Happened once a few months ago,it was a crappy song too.I;m lucky i didn't get a copyright strike for that too.I sure don't know enough editing skills to know how to extract a certain bit of background audio from MY talking.Heck i try not to NEED to edit. Hollywood experience has taught me that it saves time AND money to get it right the first time or do enough outtakes til you get a good take (then director says thats a print).
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Bad Roomie just got home from a meeting with our mayor.

Mayor LOVES my family.

Hmmmmmmm........ i hope some stuff gets handled......
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Youtube demonetized my church from hell update video:-(

And i only included a few tags, and i made a very short description with nothing controversial.

WHY the censorship?

I cannot afford the financial hit.This is one of very few income streams I have.
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Linden, NJ Contact Jennifer directly- I have no more info.

Thank you so much for sharing. My posting has been shared over 100 times, and I cannot thank everyone enough. Unfortunately, no offers for fosters yet. These two brothers will be fully vetted; just need a place to call their own. I am keeping my fingers crossed that someone will open their homes - even temporarily for these two lost poor souls. Despite everything, they are two sweethearts.

Another case of abandonment.... These two brothers were left in an empty apartment after their family was evicted. A neighbor heard their loud cries and decided to help them. They were not able to take care of themselves and have not eaten in over 1 week. At least, they had each other. The person that found them is unable to keep them. We are desperately trying to find a foster home for these two very friendly brothers. If you can help, please let me know at Thanks for sharing!
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So this morning i was awakened by Good Roommate because a workman was here to start replacing our screens.

BUT he only did the 2 in Ace the Cat's room.Dude saw the piling filth of that litterbox,that I am not allowed to clean.(I can just see dude telling PreacherCop.) I told dude its Bad Roommates fault because he does not want me in that room so i cannot clean it..

Both recycling buckets got "wings".One was hooked up to a gate in the alley.AND had some trash in it so I dumped the trash where it goes (under objections of one of the church workers).And i found the other recycle bucket.Brought both in our stairwell where they go.

Meanwhile, Good Roommate and I showed workman the kitchen sink and how it is peeling from the wall due to the cracks from the slamming broken hydraulic door.

THEN dude says for ME to talk on his fancy smart phone to PreacherCop. But PreacherCop just hung up on me(!)

Yeah.Then workman offered us some Wawa goodies.God Roomie said "no thank you", but I love their Pot Stickers and hashbrowns.

I WAS thinking as i tried to sleep last night (I did not get to bed until 6 am because i filmed a Youtube vid around 5 am last night) , how much free food could i eat to somewhat make this living situation more tolerable?

So i told worker dude (out of hearing range of Good Roommate) i liked the Pot Stickers.

A few minutes later he knocks on the BACK door with chicken nuggets, jalapeno poppers,soft pretzels and a whole bag of Pot Stickers.Still frozen so we can store them right away.

When Pride is VS an empty stomach. the empty stomach's growl wins out.

(which is how people get stuck into dependency and entitlements and the government teat, but THAT'S another story....)

Good morning folks.Our coffee is brewing.Gonna have breakfast.Hows about you?

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h/t +Char S


ONYX AT RISK 10/19/17** SUPER PLAYFUL KITTEN NEEDS SOMEONE TO GIVE HIM LOTS OF ATTENTION AND LOVE!! Onyx is a 5 month old kitten whose owner is just not understanding of rough kitten play. Onyx’s previous owner reports he is shy for a few minutes around strangers, but will play gently once he warms up to them. Onyx is described as friendly, playful, confident and independent. He has a high activity level and likes to play with all types of toys. Onyx would do best with an experienced foster or adopter.
ONYX – 8592
Publicly Adoptable - Staten Island
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What can happen with Free Cats craigslist ads.Never just offer a pet for free.
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