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i am watching this free webinar when i get back from my Best Buy/Ulta excursion tomorrow.
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My laptop IS plugged in, i pushed everything tight....yet the indicator claims its at 71 % 70...i don't understand why..

The light on the power strip is green.

I kill computers.Maybe batteries too?

Wait says it IS plugged in. but not charging.WHY isn't it at 100 %?WTF
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This was the webcam model recommended to me by the Geek Squad person i had on the phone yesterday.

I just might get it on the 21.That's the day i will take my Mom's (2nd hand) laptop to Geek Squad to be looked at and to have the antivirus installed and find out where its webcam and photo albums are.

(I'm also visiting Dollar Tree that trip.Since its all in the same shopping center.)
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I just got back from feeding up to 8 hungry feral cats.

I took my time...not wanting to come home to Church Hell. (PreacherCop's one of MANY vehicles, is parked near the corner.)

I brought a plastic trash bag along to clean up.I removed lots of recyclables and i even found a blue municiple recycing bucket.

So any neighbors would see i am doing something GOOD even if theydo not love cats.

THEN a man in a lime green tiny car beeped his horn at me.He parked.He reminds me of Bernie Sanders.

He asked if i am always here.I say i try to not miss a day or i do it every other day ,depends on how much food i have for them.

He mentioned feeding DEER in his rural neighborhood.I think maybe he lives in Egg Harbor Twp or such a place?

He is en route getting his hair cut.

I mentioned that I happen to cut and color hair,and went to school for it.Said i cut and color my mothers hair and hers is very very short.And i said most of my practical experience is on mens short and fairly straight styles.

So he said would i be willing to cut HIS haur some time.

I said yes.No digits were exchanged but i'm in the neighborhood.

He can find me maybe.

I can sure use the work and he seems harmless enough.
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I found a 45 second video,quite silly, of me and TabbyBoy dancing on Halloween.I'm in my zebra makeup and dress.

Its not good enough for Youtube but i would like to share it somewhere.

I asked on facebook if "stories" can only be 5 seconds,if they might be 45 seconds.They are all shot on cell phone, but my vids are almost all webcam ones.
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got 2 workouts in.Got to Evil Eye the shiny gold badge of our Atlantic City Police Chaplain.

He IS PreacherCop and he hates us.

Now that my skincare is on i am throwing on warpaint so i can dress n feed the feral cats up the block.

My roommates will not fight.They are paper tigers/

But I'm not supposed to get angry.
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4 mornings IN A ROW....loud thumping drums and soul music from the church downstairs.Even if there is no congregation.Even if theres just a few people there.

I eyeballed the door.I was right.The hydraulic gears are totally removed.

Some shmuck at the door i did not recognise offered me some of their sandwiches.I said no thank you.I said what we REALLY need is for the door to be fixed and for the music to get turned down!

4 days in a row.,

So of course i was yelling at my Good Roommate abd sge does not deserve that, she wants me to make coffee since I am up.

Honkeys are awake.

I fantasize about going postal but i know i cannot do that.I wish somebody would.
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On hold with Geek Squad...doing a remote troubleshoot to fix my webcam's video thingamagig.

So i might not hafta haul ass 30 miles on the bus to get this fixed.

Fingers crossed!
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maybe saying "to hell with MLK" was not the best thing to say on facebook?

this poor ole paleface is escaping to my feral cat friends with home made food.
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