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They have a new (to me) Youtube thing, not just thumb up or thumb down but a HEART.Josh Bernstein has a channel ,pro American, anti Facebook, pro Republican I think...anyway some shmuck made an anti Jew anti Israel comment and implied only people believing in God could be I said don't dis Israel don't dis the Jewish people but also do not assume only believers in Diety can be moral and I said if you need religion to teach you right from wrong maybe you are immoral..i said if a door is unlocked do you steal?I said  show me what somebody does when no one is looking and that shows me your character.

So Josh Bernstein HEARTED my comment.

I know because I got a gmail notification.

This is a big deal to ME in that it is positive attention from the maker of the video.

That is more than just a pat on the back.

Damn I can't wait for Washington DC.Gonna meet some Patriots.
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Leathur Rokk

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Great,my bipolar roommate was put on Ritalin by his doctor.

Ritalin is basically speed.

Hoo boy.  (He is bouncing off the walls now.)

Amphetamine crashes are no fun to be around. They made ME a royal bitch.

If the crasher also has hate and rage, like he does for me,i don't think home life will be fun.

I am so glad I quit the hard stuff.

Drugs were fun...until they made me feel I was losing memory and losing my mind.

I don't miss the stupid.

Funny thing about drug drugs is when we quit there is always the wonder DID we  wait too long?????
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More "good buddies"  (that is CB lingo) to look for.Maybe I will meet some bikers @ John Marshall Park.
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#ConservativeTalkRadio   #EyeMissMyOleBuddy  

Mark Levin will burst a blood vessel if he does not chill out.

"Get off the phone you big dummy!"  *  giggles  *

Dude.DUUUUUUDE.Smoke a joint.Take a deep breath.Its gonna be alright.Some callers are dipshits.Its  really gonna be okay.  Our Guy Won.

PS I miss when Scrapiron Michael and I would party and have the redstate talkers on the radio.Rush Limbaugh.Sean Hannity.Mark Levin.Michael Savage.

And on Sundays....Handel On The Law!!!!!!!!!!

Scrapiron has not been around in a year.I don't know if he is even still alive. I miss that ole drunken goat.
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Been a long time I wanted to say something to you.

Yes  am a Republican but you might want to know

Why do I always defend  LGBTQ causes?

Its not just  because I am an actor.  Not just because I worked in Hollywood.

I am the B. Bisexual.Sometimes I date chicks. It is not a phase.I just don't feel the need to swing from the rooftops about it .  I am more private than I seem.

I have LOTS of queer  friends.I have Transgender friends too, who often get rejected by their families and beat  by cops and haters.

So if you hate 0n LGBT  y0u are hating 0n ME t00.
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damn keyboard does not wanna type:-(

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Poke em with a campaign pin if I must.

And  h0pe  CSPAN gets it on tv.
Here is a comprehensive protest page advising goons, thugs and agitators how best to create chaos, violence and mayhem at the Trump Inauguration without getting caught. Note the instructions in Arabic - the leftist/Islamic (red/green) alliance going to war against freedom.
Here is a comprehensive protest page advising goons, thugs and agitators how best to create chaos, violence and mayhem at the Trump Inauguration without getting caught. Note the instructions in Arabic - the leftist/Islamic (red/green) alliance going to war against freedom.
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#MyWorkAtHomeGig   #EyemaChump  

GRRRRRR.I spent over an H0UR doing a survey about Whole Foods and 7-11, and the survey said it got FULL and  reverted to a screen offering a NEW survey company that "pays 5 dollars a survey".

THIS survey was gonna pay me 40 cents.

I don't like working for NOTHING.
My gawd.Low pay is bad enough.

THIS is TOTALLY Un Fucking Reasonable.

I am Free White and Over 21.

(not pc but who cares)/  this was always said at home when I was a kid by my Mom and Dad.So don't judge how my family is.Its a generational thing. think I am old enough to say it.

I am mad. Why bother working if this is what I get.

THIS makes folks act entitled.THIS makes people become USERS>
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Mysterious email I got.  (Subj :I found your email  :leather  )


 Hi there
My name is Jean Rafon, I'm from France.
Last week i Bought an old book from street here in Paris and i found your email inside of it, i'm curious to know if this is a real person, and what relate you with this book!
Looking forward to hearing from you!



It was in my spam folder in Hotmail.

His email addy is

Any chance its phishing?Does not seem to have any file,does not ask me to download or click anything,but that does not look like an email addy either.

If English is not his native language,some funny grammar would not be unexpected.

Its NOT impossible for me to have an email addy on a book.I have given away LOTS of books since I returned to Jersey,and I probably gave away books in Hollywood too.
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I thought to try some sort of a search but I did not think I could search the entire phrase,as often theres not enough room in the search box and they just pick out a few words to focus on.

I feel a bit lazy now  +Tino Soto 
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Leathur Rokk

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I can NOT imagine a Feminist being pro life. (Anti Abortion)

Neither can my mother.Nor can my BFF whom I just got off the telephone with.

Fox News shut up with your pro life women.Just STFU.

The womens marches do NOT want pro life chicks.I don't blame them.Pro lifers get yer own damn march.

Shut up Trump Haters too.
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Leathur Rokk

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NJ Gun Laws suck.

Be a victim OR get a felony. YOUR CHOICE.
Man attacks, robs elderly woman inside Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, police say:
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#Sex   #WomenKnow   #NoCommentsBecauseYallMalesWillArgue  

My problem with people who say personal responsibility dictates that tax payers should not have to pay for other peoples birth control. Or even abortion .

Women are the ones at risk of pregnancy.BUT why make the WOMAN pay for Birth Control when its often not the woman who gets the pleasure?

There is the pleasure deficit.

Less than 60% of females orgasm from sex.  (More chicks hafta fake it than would admit.Because SELFISHNESS.,)   (And if they don;t men can get ANGRY and beat them. I KNOW what I  am talking about.I have been abused.This is why I  don;t mind being single.)

And the pill is expensive if you can't get it for free.  And the older you get the more dangerous the pill is.Stroke,heart attack.Dangerous past 40.  (My great grandma died from a  blood clot that went to her lungs and she sm0thered to death.truth!!!!!  My Mom heard her die on the phone in college;-(

THAT is why I can justify free contraception and Planned Parenthood.

If sex is mostly for the mens' benefit,  and too often sex is NOT consensual...

We must NEVER repeal ROE V WADE.

Someone had to say this.

I wish it weren't me saying it.

Leathur Rokk

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You got it here first. The Geller Report reported on the jihad motive in the Fort Lauderdale airport mass murder within hours of the shooting. But the enemedia continues to cover for the jihad no matter the target or the death toll.
You got it here first. The Geller Report reported on the jihad motive in the Fort Lauderdale airport mass murder within hours of the shooting. But the enemedia continues to cover for the jihad no matter the target or the death toll.
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I love this place.I have eaten the most delectable meals in The Rim and in the buffet and in the White House Sub Shop (a branch location of a true Atlantic City institution!).... I took 2 dance classes on a ladies' media tour of Scores Sports Bar & Adult Entertainment Complex. I have attended conferences there including the SoConTaj. I have been in some of the rooms.I was very happy with them. The people who work there are delightful friendly people. Security is sensible and efficient,they even turned a blind eye the 2 times I made Youtube videos walking around on the casino floor! I love attending concerts at the Mark Etess Arena.Its shape and acoustics makes for almost all seats being pretty decent even the nosebleed ones.AND the sound mix is sensible NOT too loud or distorted,and I mean rock concerts. Just last night I got to see Boston, a band I have loved for the 40 years of its existence. I know there is a strike.I USED to sympahise with labor uons,I WAS a union gal back in the day HOWEVER this union is greedy over healthcare minutia SO they activelycaaigned to DISCOURAGE parts from coming to the Taj Mahal.THAT is evil considering the employees who work there,many non union,will NOW also lose their jobs come October 10. Shame on Local 54. That said it is NOT the casino's fault.And the workers including security are bending backwards to accommodare guests,often working different positions and extra hours to keep things running as smoothly as can be expected. BTW the food quality is STILL amazing during this strike. I wish they would not close. I try to come by a few times week if I am able JUST to give them my business.
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I used to love this place,used to dance in Boogie Nights,used to shop @Farmers Almanack General Store.Once I won a jackpot @ the Cash Contraption....but that was before I got sober. I do NOT go in Tropicana ANY MORE though because I went there last Saturday night and,for some unknown reason, its yellow shirted over zealous pumped up security GOONS- in particular a Black female guard, demanded I show her my ID...I was not even IN a gamig area, I was in The Quarter,not in a bar either.I was well dressed for club life, All of a sudden there were 4,5 guards who grabbed me by both my arms and they pushed me out of the building in front of who knows how many people.It was 3 am.I was NEVER so humiliated in my adult life. I know the NJ laws state that nobody under 21 shall be in or remain in a casino. Theuy have NO right to target for harassment,people for closer "scrutiny" without probable cause. If Tropicana's idea of probable cause is to single out a purple haired DECADES LONG PATRON......who was not doing a THING wrng...wen tgere were so many others who could have been. I will NEVER NEVER EVER set foot in your building ever again. I can go out dancing and shopping lots of other places. If you like women to be manhandled go here. Besides my brother played poker here and stayed here and he had bedbugs in his room.You guys need to keep up with the exterminatin.
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