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Don't use Retinol with your chording hand .Retinol can (will) eat away at the calluses you are trying to build up. Apply using your strumming fingers only.

Same with acids you put on your face (I use Apple Cider Vinegar).

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Good News.

I celebrate each time a friend gets off the streets.
Stephen Jones has been hailed as a homeless hero after he came to the aid of people during the Manchester bombing on Monday – and now he is being rewarded for his kindness.

Stephen and his friend Chris Parker – who is also homeless – were sleeping on the streets in northwest Manchester near the local arena during an Ariana Grande concert when they heard an explosion. They rushed towards the sound of the chaos and found dozens of parents and children running out of the building, many of which were injured. As they went further into the chaos, they saw the full extent of the blast.

Stephen and Chris got to work, helping the injured away from the building and pulling bits of debris from people’s wounds. They kept a woman’s legs elevated so she wouldn’t bleed out, and comforted some of the children as they recovered from the blast or looked for their parents.

After they were interviewed over the events of the evening, viewers were touched by the compassion showed by the two friends. One Manchester local, Diane Moore, set up a Just Giving crowdfunding page that has already raised $30,000 to buy permanent housing for the homeless men.

David Sullivan, the co-chairman of English Premier League club West Ham United took to social media to find the homeless heroes and offer them 6 months free rent to help them get back on their feet. Sullivan and his son have since found Stephen and assisted him in getting his life in order.
😭 3,067 people died, homeless, on the streets of America in 2016. We can do better!
Follow @HomelessFriend
#SpreadPeaceUSA #prayformanchester #manchester #lightworker #endpoverty #positivevibe #visualsoflife #heartwarming

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Grrr Landlord's son the Realtor has a scheduled Walk Through of more prospective buyers between 3 & 4 today. I THOUGHT Good Roommate promised me NO MORE cooperation and allowing them to disrupt our HOME.

ESPECIALLY on the #clubllife weekends!

She has no backbone AT ALL the older she gets.

There's a block party tonight I'm going to and maybe someplace else.

(I was also up til 4 last night making screenshots for thumbnails for my Youtube videos).

FYI I put MORE crap in the hallway because "Fuck Them". Why should things stay in the room with the litterbox getting all funky.

How would you feel if STRANGERS traipsed through YOUR home?

At least no bedrooms will be opened ( rather aren't supposed to be opened) BUT if I'm not behind mine to KEEP it shut they MAY push it open anyway like what happened a few months ago.

And when will LANDLORD have his meeting with Scary Cop who is the Preacher? And when will that broken hydraulic door get fixed?

We're still waiting to see that rent check from God!


The person who sends me most of my Yahoo cat notices worked with this lady before in rescue- she is for real.

This is so sad for this well-meaning woman.

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From: Maria Caraballo
Sent: May 23, 2017 5:08 PM
To: Janet Duran
Subject: Hungry cat owners in Vermont * Please cross post*


My name is Maria. I been rescuing and asking for help for animals for a while already.

Now, I am in trouble, I have no human food and I no longer receive receive food stamps

because I moved from NYC to the state of Vermont. I applied for Benefits here and now

NYC is giving us a hard time. They refuse to give me a close in letter, and Vermont needs that

letter in order to give me some temporary assistance for food. I have complaint and send out e-mails to HRA in NY. Vermont told me they can't help me unless I get that letter. When I call NY, they give me the run around, they tell me that my case is close and tell Vermont state that my case is open, two different story. NY is given me a hard time. I had 2 take one of my cats the vet because she was ill and I had to use the money in my go fund me to take her. I do not need money at all. I just need food : (. I am applying to jobs day and night, but that takes time. Would anybody help me and send me food. I don't eat any type of meat or eggs at all. My spouse is disabled and eats chicken and beef, but anything will do know. This is so embarrassing. I have pay pal linked to my e-mail 347 520 6899.


Dammit I was "a bit" high last night and I forgot to take a thumbnail with the new Bike Bash shirt:-(

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I have what may be a doc por pdf or some file of May's DNA Do Not Adopt list.

I think the rescue community prefers it distributed ofline or not where the perps can find themselves and thus, change their M.O to gain access to cats.

I didn't open it yet so I don't know the geographical location of the perps.

anyone who shares rescue notices/has a network, please message me,i can email/send to you.

Put me in your rescue network.

I am connected (insofar as I am on their mailing lists) with Angellical Cats and Winging Cat Rescue and various Northeast rescue orgs..And I get California rescue lists and some from down South.

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Please contact Jesse DIRECT 201-963-9451 if you can help! Jersey City NJ- girl is willing to vet, but needs help with the bill and a feral friendly vet to examine.... she is semi feral but still scared when held....

Emergency help needed for stray cat. Broken ear is a stray cat from the neighborhood. She is feral and we thought she was sick as she was having difficulty breathing and snots coming out of her nose. I managed to capture her and bring her to my vet for a shot. I brought her home and was going to release her once she was better. Unfortunately, she is now worse and her eye is swollen and she has a huge growth above her eye and I think she might have lost her eye. It feels like a tumor above her eye and the area is completely swollen. At first I thought she was still sick with an upper respiratory cause her eye was shut so I got more medicine from my vet, but this growth or whatever it is grew really fast. She really needs a rescue who might be able to give her vet care as I won't be able to afford it. She is semi feral, but once I brought her inside she really opened up to us and allows us to pet her something we were never able to do while she was outside. If someone can help her please let me know. I don't want her to suffer. I have included pics. I am located in Jersey City. JESSE REO IS THE CONTACT 201-963-9451 or on Facebook- hurry!




Date: May 23, 2017 at 2:16:46 PM EDT
Subject: anonymous elderly woman needs help with cats in cages in THE BRONX NY. Please cross post


I am a cat rescuer, doing this anonymously. There is an elderly woman that needs help with her feral

cats, they have been in cages for years. This is very unfair as the poor cats don't even have a chance to

move much. She doesn't have enough volunteers only a disable woman that comes only once a day to

feed them also the place smells horrible. She has both friendly cats and ferals. The ferals should be in a sanctuary not trapped in cages, that's a form of animal cruelty. The lady has good intentions, but doesn't have the space or the volunteers needed to help these cats be free not in cages. Her number is 718-671-1695. I have pictures attached to this e-mail to prove poor cats are in cages. About 40 cats in cages. I have more pictures of needed.



St. Francis you loved all created things,calling them your brothers and sisters.
You have been named the patron of the enviroment.Help me follow your example of caring for all of creation,for our air,water, forests and all creatures particularly our pets.
Watch over our world, and help me to care for all living things.

"I am my brothers keeper, and I will fight his fight.and speak the word for beast and bird, till the world shall set things right."

I looked at the caged animals in the shelter. . . the cast offs of human society. I saw in their eyes, love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal and I was angry. "God" I said, "this is terrible. Why don't you do something...?" God was silent for a moment and then he spoke softly.
"I have done something" he replied, "I created you."

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