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Model-Actress-Dancer-Artist-Fashion Designer
Model-Actress-Dancer-Artist-Fashion Designer


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You can sell or buy used makeup.It IS possible to sterilize many kinds of MAKEUP!

Myself, i sterilize eyeshadows i drop on my floor.Alcohol goes in the pan and remains until it evaporates!

GO Trump GO!!!!!!!!!!

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Here it is folks.I skipped 4 or 5 videos in my pipeline to publish this.Nobody knows I did my braids.Hah! Enjoy my party adventure story.

SEO says, the eclipse is VERY topical, so today is a GREAT day to fast track a NEW video for youtube,

Okay i am going out with rolling papers and maybe find an eclipse party.

Sheps stuck in the studio?He was in Oregon.

By the time I get dressed it'll be DINNERTIME

President Trump looked without glasses

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WHY does so called Waterproof Eyeliner do this????

This is Wet & Wild H20 Proof liquid liner.

I do NOT have mascara on! (Yes I have skincare,SPF and foundation.And not a heavy foundation application either).

This is the #2 bane of my existence these days.

i wish i had seen the cereal box thing earlier.I coulda watched the eclipse THAT way.
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