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It's a Story. It's Life. Yours and mine.
It's a Story. It's Life. Yours and mine.

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Are you aware about a thousand stories that surround you, as you while away in a fancy Café? Read two such incredibly powerful stories here! 

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No! They don’t understand. How can they? Do you? We don’t! Because we know we are both victims and victimizers.
Are you ever really just one person? One gender? One caste? One creed? One definition? Don’t you hear multiple voices in your head?
You are an abode to the dilemma. You are the quintessential Hamlet. And, it is not a bad thing. Dilemma…or duality or Maya for that matter, is the universe expanding in you.
With Twisted POV, we make room for a wide gamut of thoughts, originating from a single source.
Stick around because some #MindNumbingShit   is about to happen. The way you have been looking at something might just change from today!
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This is the time of daily struggle. You need to sleep but you don't want to. So you don't. On days when the its a bad one or an ignorable one, it is easy to be awake to do shit or not do shit. But if, just in case you ARE having a good day, then you don't feel like going to sleep either. You want to listen to your go-to song one more time. One more page of that novel. One more thought of that person. One more flashback of today that was. One more smile. One more fear of how it would be ruined tomorrow as having two good days in a row is an epic feat for you. But do know it happened. Take my word on that it has happened for you.

One more train of thought, was it?

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Here's to the beginning!
Sometimes we are unknown to our own divinity. Sometimes, it is a challenge for us to remember who we actually are. Sometimes we let the challenges of life define us. Until we reach a point of no return. It is in those moments of sheer darkness, when everything seems to slip off our buttery fingers, and we cannot seem to get a grip, that we realize what we truly are made of.
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Here is a self love entry which is every bit smacking, enjoyable and really fun to read! Our new self love names Anjana aka Shruthyy can easily be the next big actor of a hit rom-com! She is delightful in so many ways, that we would now leave it up to you to discover! 

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What's new is another enigmatic and sincere entry to our #Selflove Challenge! This time, it is by Pompi Banerjee, a free thinker and a psychologist! 

#ShowYourLove  people at this remarkable attempt of Self Love by a girl who was once declared #Depressed! From that point to now, she has definitely turned the life around in her favor. And we, at salute that spirit! 

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How long can you continue learning? Can you accept the parts of you that may still appear as childish or childlike? Can you #love   yourself despite anything else? Well, Rachna definitely can! 

Do spare a few minutes to read another honest declaration of #selflove  by yet another Leaner, Rachna! 

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It has been nearly two months now that we started #SelfLoveChallenge  and yet the entries are pouring in! 

This one is from a young and vivacious girl! Her declaration of #selflove  would leave your mind = blown! And that too, in an awesome way! 

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Do the Annual Performance Reviews need to be toxic and vicious? Can you still remain at your center when everything is just slipping out of your hands? This #poem  by Sahil Verma discovers the same dynamics! 

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