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Google Plus Photowalk in NYC
September 1st at 6pm Eastern
meet at the fountain in Washington Square Park

+Thomas Hawk will also be having an event on the same day at UC Berkeley at 6pm Pacific. This is our Bicoastal G+ Photowalk.

+Vivienne Gucwa
+John Fraissinet
+kora foto morgana
+Christoph Ruthrof
+Angel Figueroa
+Dave Ortiz
+Antonio Gonzalez
+Mark Garbowski
+Jose Vazquez
+Bonnie Natko
+Ashish Caleb Gattegno
+B.C. Lorio
+Chris Gachot
+Beth Kotkin
+Sergio Fernandes
+Mohamed Aboshihata
+Barry Yanowitz
+Dave Krugman
+Doug Kaye
+Gowtham Narisipalli

+Michael Martin
+Nichole McCall
+Brian Furbush
+Oliver Bouchard
+Elke Nominikat
+Diane Barrasso
+s. kent holliday
+Eugene Weinstein
+Ronald Boadi
+Dave Macintosh
+Ramesh Prabhu
+ashley west leonard
+Mark Kalan
+Gregory Rawrysz
+David Greenberg
+Chris Robins

I am going to close the 2 other threads for this event. Any others who would like to attend? Please add your comment below if you're game. It is certain to be fun and a great opportunity to meet other G+ photogs!
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Oh I wish I could afford the flight ticket across the ocean :(
can we get any Google Plus employees involved? The Berkeley walk will have some. +Brian Rose can you ask around the NYC office?
Would love to be back in the old stomping grounds for that, but have a shoot here in Florida.
ha! no... but i'll be willing to hold your cameras for you :)
I seem to have gotten dropped -- or did I not actually commit to going? Either way, I'll be there.
the list has been updated. it seems that I forgot a few people :-)
+Leanne Staples you're doing a splendid job organizing this... if you were in midtown i'd drop by with a cup of java to keep you going :)
Great timing I'm going to be in NYC :) I'd love to come along, (If I get out of work on time)
Can you add me as a strong maybe? I want to go, but there's a chance I may be out of town that day.
To far from France. Sorry, I won't be able to be with you :^(
Well if +Leanne Staples and +Thomas Hawk are doing photowalks next Thursday, we should do another one in LA, too... We don't have any photos dev in NY but I'll make sure the teams there know what you're up to since I know we've got a few photogs in that office, thanks.
I am excited too +Vivienne Gucwa!!!! there are a number of NYC photogs that have not responded yet. But perhaps we can make this a monthly event!
I read it yesterday and nearly leaped out of my seat. I am making every possible way to get there. 6 PM is a hard from me coming from the firm I work for in central NJ, but I will be there.

(And I'll finally get a chance to see the "eyes" behind the great shots I've been following on Tumblr and Flickr. (Yes, I'm talking about you Leanne and you Vivienne!)
great +B.C. Lorio I will give you my mobile number before the event so that you can locate us.
+Leanne Staples please put me down in the maybe column... 95% sure I'll be there! Love the monthly event idea.
i'll be visiting from los angeles and want to RSVP as a maybe!
13 confirmed 15 maybes and one week to go
I'll try to make it but won't know if I can until until that afternoon.
Leanne, put me on the maybe list, I'm almost positive I can make it, once I'm sure I can confirm!
I'll be there! Thanks Mark for thinking of me.
We should also invite +joni sternbach if she's around - at least we'll have enough folks to help here carry her camera! lol
I'm gonna try to get off of work to meet up as well
I can't make it on the 1st but would love to try and make it to future walks. Sounds like fun!
I would love to go but all I have is a point and shoot Kodak C195 =/ unfortunately I left my Canon AT-1 in Florida.
I'm attempting to see if I can get it shipped up here in time, also not sure with the family schedule. I will however update you if I can make it. I'm hoping I can.
Great idea Leanne & thanks for organizing! I'll be there; looking forward to meeting everybody.
i should be able to make it. will you send one last confirmation, or, put it on google calendar so we can accept the invite and have it available?
Really looking forward to this. Can't believe Sept 1 is this Thursday already!
at the moment, the forecast for the photowalk looks good! I am certain that there are others that may be interested in the walk that have not yet heard about it. If you know someone in the area, let them know.
Hello there! I'd love to join in. Count me as confirmed. Thanks!
We are now 2 days away. 20 people have confirmed and 17 maybes. Get your gear ready!
This being my first group photowalk (I've walked and taken photos before, but always alone), I don't know how to pack. I'm thinking the kitchen sink may be tough to carry while walking around.

I'm thinking walkabout lens, a macro, a wide-angle, a flash, and a tripod, but even that may be overkill. I don't want to spend all evening swapping lenses, either.

Any suggestions?
+Ashish Caleb Gattegno that's a tough question. I always carry too much. My tripod weighs way too much, so I might just bring my monopod. As for lenses, it's a matter of style. Lately, I've been using my 50mm the majority of the time. I usually carry my 18-35mm which I will use when I can be bothered to change my lens :-)

I say the most important thing is comfortable clothing and shoes and possibly rain gear.
We have a new Flickr Group for the participants and supporters of this photowalk event. Participants will be able to submit there photos of the evening out in the Big Apple and share with there peers and fellow enthusiasts. +Leanne Staples thank you for taking the lead and making this happen. Check out the group and join at

Hope to see you all on Thursday.
Heading for the airport in an hour. See you Thursday!
Barring Metro-North issues, I'm moving from maybe to yes.
the link to the map shows 5th and 34th. Washington Square is at 5th and west 4th. Washington Square Park - Google Maps
How about that - my link goes to the wrong place also - or is it just me?
+David Greenberg. Good news! See you there 
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