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The sad part is: please tell me that guy doesn't think $19.99 is a living wage!!!
That's a good one LMAO!
He might very well be one of the thousands of workers in this country for whom $19.99 an hour would be pure luxury, +Pam Chalkley!
I bet you could live on $19.99 in Nevada.
outstanding, great song :i'm going to party like its 1999
Just kinda worried what gallon of milk will cost when minimum wage is 19.19 :) forget partys lol
You can live on $19.99 in Mississippi. Even with our market crash here, and houses 40-50% what they were 5 years ago, we're still above a good bit of the nation. Remember, 1500 square feet 5 years ago was upwards of half a million in a safe (not ritzy) neighborhood.
Woah. 1500 sq ft. I thought it was outrageous here in Denver.
they will rape you at the gas pumps then
+Xueqing Sun +Astrophel Lim 这句话是讽刺了。 内中的含义是 19.99的工资是高薪,所以我要去象一个拿高工资的人一样去狂欢。 有一首歌曲 叫做 I'm Gonna Party Like It's 1999 相当有名气的
How about we make it $100. per hour. What do you think that would do?
What is the minimum wage in the USA,or does it vary from state to
state.Great street capture +Leanne Staples.
It's going to be your loss, because you will wake up tomorrow to the HARD COLD reality that it is NOT...
+Pam Chalkley HHmm. NYC? Rat Hole? Probably the garage for somebody's car. everything is expensive in NYC.
+Jurek Jerry K Exactly. That's why I say people shouldn't depend on others for their income. Prior to 1970, a lot more people were self-sufficient than today (I used to have the statistics for this on a computer than crashed). Then the mergers, acquisitions and hostile takeovers of the 1970s/1980s, huge corporations arose. Income levels dropped roughly 25% from 1970 to now when you factor in inflation in the U.S. (not sure about elsewhere). There is plenty of empirical data to support that statement, readily available online. Therein lies the problem: too many people dependent. Therein lies the solution as well! Stop depending on massive conglomerates - either as earners or as consumers!! I've been preaching this for 20 years! Nobody listened - until it was too late.
I am thinking, if wouldnt be job for him, he would has more problem, but I understand, that he or other people want hold their standard of living. Very difficult question.
Don't agree with the occupy mob, but good slogan! ;)
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