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Leanne Staples

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brilliant photo based art by +Joshua Evan 
From the series Trees #2 | intentional camera movement

More of my recent work can be seen on

#intentionalcameramovement   #abstractphotography  
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Molto bella anche questa!
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As a woman photographer, I am often asked if there is a difference between photography produced by women and men? And why photography is still very much dominated by men? Historically, many male photographers approached photography as a source of income. While female photographers focused on photography as a process of creation. Take Vivian Maier as an example. Clearly she was a talented photographer. Yet she made very little attempt to share her work with others. The fact that we know her photography is pure luck.

That said, we are living in very different times and women are still underrepresented in mainstream photography, in galleries and museums. Whether there is a difference between the photography of women and men is perhaps worthy of a lengthy thesis. But there is no doubt that when it comes to quality and worthiness, the two are equals, So why is there such an imbalance, that is a question that needs to be addressed!
#womenphotographers   #newyorkcityphotography  
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Im not saying they don't want their work to be seen but in your original post you stated that Vivian Maier made very little effort for her work to be seen.  Her photos were probably her romantic connection to life that she took for herself.  When I say romantic I guess Its not the right word to use. her photos were probably her diary, when you look at a diary it is some ones thoughts, ideas or outlook on life and what they are going though. yet no one sees these things. How many men do you know that keep a diary? Almost all women at one point have had one. Its just a thought of why to your original post. Im not saying it applies 100% to all male and females I know males can be romantic in their artistry ;)
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I had a fabulous time taking +mel rolleri on a photo tour of NYC. 
Brooklyn Bridge taken on my photo tour with +Leanne Staples .  what do you do with a boring blue sky??  go B&W!
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Feeling is mutual!! Great time. Wonderful tour of places I had never been, having lived there a few years! Thanks for the push to share on google+. More to come. I promise!! 😃😃. Thanks for the share!!
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great show
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Cosulado dominicano
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Superb! Any more portraits? Say yes! Peace.
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Have her in circles
1,573,043 people
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Leanne Staples

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Have you seen the abstract photography of +Joshua Evan ??? It is fabulous!
From the series Trees #2

#intentionalcameramovement   #abstractphotography   #photography  
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thanks +Maurice Chair 
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... Where is Stark Tower?!???
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Andrew and Easter Egg
Copyright © Leanne Staples. All Rights Reserved.
#newyorkcityphotography   #portraitphotography   #easteregg  
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Excellent image +Leanne Staples
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Have her in circles
1,573,043 people
Photographer, Artist, Writer & Licensed New York City Tour Guide
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New York City
Montreal, Quebec - Detroit, Michigan - Birmingham, Michigan - San Francisco, CA
"The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes." Marcel Proust
Photographer, Artist and Writer.
a passionate urban landscape, street, social documentary photographer & artist aka ifotog on the internet
On G+ since July 8, 2011. 

I sell my photos through my website . As well, I have a number of photos and other items available on Etsy, Blurb and Zazzle. If there is a photo that you would like to purchase that isn't available on these sites, let me know. There's a list towards the bottom of this page of most of my social network sites.

I also give private and group lessons in the art of photography, composition, street photography, portfolio review and photowalks. Address inquiries to

• Co-founder of Shoot the Street 

Leanne Staples is primarily a urban photographer, artist and writer. She was given her first camera at the age of 12 by her father. For many years her concentration was mainly as an architectural photographer. It was, as she has said, "an obsessive pursuit for an unreal purity." One day, after being annoyed by people walking into her shot, she decided not to fight it anymore, to shoot people passing by the buildings. Without knowing it, that began her venture into street photography!

She started out in film and after some skepticism about digital, she finally made the transition in 2006. A self-described gonzo photog, you can find her on the streets with camera in hand searching for the perfect backdrop in which to shoot. A few things that she is always seeking out are shadows, reflections, patterns, motion blur, clouds, graffiti, interesting people and of course architecture.

Also known as ifotog on the internet. 

my photos have appeared
  • Lens Jockey magazine
  • Scion magazine
  • Snapixel magazine
  • wastd magazine
  • Slow Food magazine Italy
  • Milan exhibition
  • Barcelona gallery
  • New York City café
  • Coney Dogs in L.A. restaurant
  • The Bronx Brewery website
  • Photoshop Support website
  • street photography documentary film by +Tanya Sleiman
the list above is incomplete. to be updated.

• You can see me on Trey Radcliff's Hangout #8 my portion of the hangout starts at about 50 minutes in.

I could name about 100+ people who inspire me. It's just too many, so I'm going to do something slightly different here. 
here's the beginning of my favorite photog list. It is a work in progress.


In 1979, Lester Bangs wrote an article for The Village Voice about previous New Year's Eve dates. I was his date in 1976. Here is a brief excerpt.

"1976: I had been going out with this girl for a couple of months kinda scene-makin photog-lolligagin around Detroit. She'd decided I was a fag since one nite in Oct/Nov thereabouts at a Barry White concert when we'z sittin behind Ohio Players, the world's worst opening act, and she sez, re the bass player, "He's got a nice ass" and I sat up a bit to look and she gave me a weird stare and that was that. So anyway me and this snope-lobe keep a-datin', but no sex. I was clumsy and shy and she, well, I guess her cameras woulda got in the way."

You can find the entire article in his book Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung.

"Ultimately, Photography is subversive not when it frightens, repels or even stigmatizes, but when it is pensive, when it thinks." - Roland Barthes
Bragging rights
I survived the 1998 Montréal Ice Storm, the 2011 earthquake in NYC, Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy
  • Concordia University Montreal
    BA English Literature, 1992
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Check out this amazing photo by Leanne Staples at, a $5...

Bio. Leanne Staples is primarily a street, social documentary and urban landscape photographer. She was given her first camera at the age of

Check out this amazing photo by Leanne Staples at, a $5...

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Sharing Street photography here!

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