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Leanne Regalla
Blogger at Make Creativity Pay, Songwriter/Owner/Teacher at Livin' Out Loud Music
Blogger at Make Creativity Pay, Songwriter/Owner/Teacher at Livin' Out Loud Music

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Do you ever think your creative goals are unrealistic?
Do you think your work is hard?
Have you ever wondered what it's like to swim with sharks while your legs are tied together?

Check out this fun and inspiring interview with Hannah Fraser, professional mermaid.

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Entrepreneurs and creatives, helpful stuff here!

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I wrote this post because I was a little frustrated. ;)

I talk to so many creatives who think they can just post (or advertise) on social media and sell their work.

It really DOESN'T work that way - so if you're not getting the results you want, it's not your fault, you just need to see the bigger picture.

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Creatives - Should you ever work for free?

Always lively discussion (and plenty of stories) around this topic.  ;)

With great insight from +DerekHalpern and +Brendon Burchard 

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Definitely applies to all of us creative types!  :)

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New podcast on PR for creatives with Ariel Hyatt from Cyber PR. 

Ever wonder how creatives get publicity?

Or – would you love to be your own PR person?

In this episode of the Make Creativity Pay podcast, I talk to Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR publicity about how artists should approach PR. Learn what activities are a good use of your time and money, why PR is a long run game, and what you can do to best prepare for exposure.

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Great post from +HennekeDuistermaat on +Copyblogger . Make sure you're getting the most from your guest posting!  

New post today! 11 Compelling Reasons Creatives Should Teach (And 7 Signs You Shouldn't 

+Danny Iny +Firepole Marketing 

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The totally non-sleazy way to make money while changing the world online.
This program is among the best out there. If you're interested you should really check it out. The free stuff alone is well worth it!
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