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Effective Lead Generation for Home Services Contractors
Effective Lead Generation for Home Services Contractors

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Join Bob Misita of LeadsNearby tomorrow night, Tuesday 12/6 @ 7PM, to gain some insight into "The Digital Buyer's Journey" and learn to connect with your customers through your digital marketing efforts. We look forward to seeing you!

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For Google's self preservation, the future of local search is "immersive" - as a way to fend off potential dominance of mobile apps.

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Want to ensure your loyal customers get the value from you that they've earned. Read our latest blog post.

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Great article on local seo. If you’re serious about going beyond the basics, we couldn’t agree more that hyper local content, hyper local images and reviews are the keys to the local rankings (and subsequent conversions). They support everything with semantic search and the new AI from Google – Rankbrain as the next evolution of hummingbird.

We suggest combining all three using a tool like Nearby Now, which automates the capture of fresh, hyper local content, hyper local images and reviews and then dynamically publishes all of it (with appropriate schema) into the service contractor’s website on a city by city basis.

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Your Online Business Reputation - Dominate Your Local Market with Positive Reviews

These are good tips to handle your reputation. The easiest – and most vital – recommendation we have is to use #NearbyNow  to take care of everything on the list: proactively seek positive #reviews  for your own site as well as other high profile sites like Google Plus and Angie’s List. Your positive reviews will dominate search in your local market.

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Dynamic Content Generation

Find Out How Your Business Can Create Great #Content Google Likes!

What is your business doing to get to the #TopOfSearchResults in the cities you provide services or sell products? It all starts with original, real and high quality content

How would you like to take control of your #OnlineReputation  while generating positive reviews and more leads for your business in "real time"? We know it's challenging for any business. UNTIL NOW! 

Reputation Builder powered by Nearby Now helps you bring your word-of-mouth reputation online and use it to dominate the search engines.

◘ Use your reputation to generate leads, opportunities and sales in your local area.

◘ Provide useful information for your current and potential new customers.

◘ Offer Credible and Verified Customer Reviews from a Trusted 3rd party Vendor (Google prefers this) that go to your website.

◘ Every time you use this product, it provides "real-time" updates to your website. 

The content on your website should not be mass-produced or outsourced on a large number of other sites. It should be created primarily to give visitors a good user experience, not to rank well in search engines.

Your Reputation is the Foundation of Your Business. Take advantage of your reputation, help generate more leads and get found more in Search today!

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We got an automated call today from someone claiming to be from Google Local Listings. It was disguised as a local 919 number - so I immediately knew it was spam when I answered. To our followers - or who ever finds this useful - Google DOES NOT MAKE OUTBOUND ROBOCALL SOLICITATION CALLS (see link)...

I decided to play along and kept hitting buttons they asked me to so I could talk with a "Google Representative". Once 'Chris Smith' answered - I asked him who he was with... his response was awesome... Chris: "Come on man..." and after a brief silence - the line went dead.

Bottom line... should you own your Google+ profile on Google for your business? YES you should. Can you do it for free all by yourself in a matter of moments? YES you can. Can Leads Nearby help if you have questions? YES we will.

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Use Products As Pawns To Win The Local SEO Chess Game 

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Three reasons why customers abandon your site #ecommerce #smallbiz #smbiz  

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Here's a great read on #LocalSEO  
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