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Wow Rachel is all grown up! What did you guys think of the season finale!?
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loving everything ecept the hat lose it
But I was really happy that Rachel got to pursue her dreams. I felt so bad for Kurt though. And I'm sad that most of my favorites graduated.
the music was fantastic ! what can i say i like music and all of glee..
Jayna B
I can't believe Finnchal broke up! I guess they will be together again soon
Jayna B
I'm just happy it's the season finale and not the series
Channeling Mary Tyler Moore. Love it!
i was really good. better than i had expected. the scenes in the car and in the train was awesome. i have no idea how you were able to sing and gut-retch cry at the same time. congradulations
Cried like a baby. It was an amazing way to end season 3 but I really hope finchel gets back together :) xx
i wasn't crying, it was just raining on my face.
The ending although a huge surprise was one hell of a cliff hanger. The last song did me in with the tears & goodbyes
Wo your interpration was amazing!!!! compliments...Italy is proud of you!!!<3
me too i was balling when finchel broke up i think can u verify lea
Love it! Little sad on Rachel and Finn's scene but excited to see was in store for Rachel. 
I think I took the break up harder than the actors. That was bad. But he loves her right? oh
Season four. Ryan Murphy better know what he's doing!
I cried SO HARD! I NEED to know what happens!!!! 
i loved but at the same time is was so sad cuz you guys are leaving =(
they can't have fin and rachel not come out, and kurt!
It was good but sad like I was crying through out the whole show and expecially the end. Lea my heart broke. It was amazing how much they love each other I wish they could have stayed together. I love Finchel so much. Why did it have to end that way? Ily lea!!! I have to say Rachel berry inspires me soo much!!! I thinly cuz the person playing her is also so inspiring.
I Wish You & Finn Never Left! You's Were Perfect And Your A Perfect Actress And Singer! You Were Born In New York. I Want To Move To New York And You Have Made Me Have A Dream That Will Never Let Go! Thank You For Inspiring Me...
Your Biggest Fan! - Connor Daren McLeod
My heart broke when Reachel left Ohio ,and when Finn was running and Rachel was looking at him. Heartbreaking scene.
They better get back together.....
that was such a sad episode but i luv it
i cried ;)
i want them back together!!
It was really emotional I cried
I think this was the best scene in Glee history. It perfectly complimented the first episode of Glee and I've never been more proud. I love this show :)
I was sad. I wanted her to be with Finn
Gia T.
I was crying the whole episode through. WE MISS U RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
ahhh pple didnt watch it yet or prom
omg so good but so sad please stay on the air please we all are gleeks i love to sing and i bet all your fans do to
LEA i started crying cuz i was going to miss seeing you on glee your my role model you inspired me to keep perusing my dream of being an actress please friend me
Less commin back for season 4!!!!
Is finchel really over? :'(
I liked the outfit, but not so much the hat.. OH! And I loved it!
i though it was really good but sad at the same time. i almost cried when finn broke up with rachel..
i felt it as a very sad thing and i will totally miss all the people who made glee even possible!
I loved it yet hated it at the same time
:'( amazing i just wish it ended with everybody togethr one last tim
please have 1 more season. I want rachell and finn to get marred. if finn is not dead.
there is sooooo many questions that were not answerd! please have a nother season im begging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
i cried WAY to much. SO MANY QUESTIONS! =/
i cried soo much at the end omg what is going to happen!!
well i do hope fin does not die in the war and i want you to be a star in new york!!!!
y was she so happy when she went to NY????? HER FIANCE JUST FREAKING BROKE UP W/ HER!!!!!!!!!!! omg i cried so hard :(
it was REALLY good i thought it was sad luved all the singing
loved it but i feel so bad for rachel i mean will finn die in da army
i held in my tears until the end....when finn dropped rachel off i couldn't help it </3
i cried wen the train left i want quinn and puck to get together
!Love! glee but the ending was NOT okay.........
i cried so much! it was so sad!
i can't believe Finchel is over! :(
i'm gonna miss all the graduates! so sad :)
I didn't like it I thought Finn and Kurt should have gotten in to their collages. Or Finn should have come with her.

Overall rating
i started to cry and hated it cause i want her and fin to be together. :(
I cried at the end... and then cried in bed cuz im graduating in 2 weeks and am gonna miss everyone! :'(
BTW: Why o why does finn hav to join the army????????? :(
I cried when Finn was chasing after u
all the cast did a spectacular job, well done to all of you and thank you for the entertainment.....
i dont think it has been shown in the uk yet D:
I wanted it to be 3hrs and when Kurt and Finn didn't make the tears stayed in my eyes until the end. I MUST know when it's coming back on!!!!
I loved it. But I was also very surpriced about what was happening to Rachel and Finn. But, when there has to come a season 4, then I understand why the episode "Goodbye" was a goodbye to the school, and not a goodbye to Glee!
Can't wait to see you again, on Glee
i am soo glad she went to new york she so deserves to go.
"you cant always get what you want, you get what you need" sad but true.
I almost cried, i cant believe Finn decided to join the army!!!!!!He has to leave Rachel and he didnt get in to his school - harsh
Hi Lea, you are one of my role models!!! Love u!
ihave been wathching u on glee for 4 years now. Rachel has done something that i will not be able to do for the next 8 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was so sad although at the same time it was good.
I am so sad!!! I don't want Finn and Rachel to break up!!! :(
the season finale was so sad I thought that finn and rachel were gonna get married I never expected it to end the way it did
I cried at the end when Rachel left Finn to go to New York!!!! :( I hope they can still be together!!!
I literally cried when Finn told Rachel that he was letting her go....I loved them!!!! I hope they make an appearance in the next season.
syrup s
that was so upsetting!!! but it was good in a way
I want a spin-off about Rachel in NY!!
i can't believe that glee is ended! i love it and i love you very much! i cried every minute!
I love it (even crying all the time), but the last 5 minutes made me so sad... What's happening to Finchel? Everybody knows they belong together.
sad lots and lots of tears y finchel y
i was so sad that rachel and finn sort of broke up :(
also tht kurt didnt get into the school he wanted
i loved it and i love your outfit in this pic
I CRIED! LEA U MAKE THE SHOW AWESOME!!! it was so sad tho!!!!!!!!!!!
I luved it but i thought it was too sad of a way 2 end the season
this is the greatest series ever i luv glee and the ending was just great but i cried when rachel was on the train saying good buy to everyone !!!!! :*( , <3
You were great in it! But I cried all night and couldn't go to sleep......
It was too sad that Kurt didn't go to NY...I think it was only Rachel's story
I wish ic ould live in NYC it is my lifelong dream!
i haven't seen it yet because I live in new zealand
I love Rachel. I hope your on the next season.
i LUVED this season finale!! But i'm sad it ended :( BIGGEST GLEE FAN EVER!!
I cried so much towards the end! But I loved it anyway!x
i loved it and it was soooooooooooo sad ;( thts what makes it AMAZZINGG!!!
i cryed twice, was that the last glee ever??
i love love LOVE glee but the ending of season 3 was NOT okay.......
I can't think anything, so I have not opportunity to watch this season yet... (Anyway, I am really hoping to do soon...). Nice photo: Rachel, as well as pretty, is also a lovely person
Great that Rachel is persuing her dreams but Finn should've come with her! Honoring his Dad is going after his dreams of becoming an actor.
love you i'm super excited to see you in the next season darling!! :)
This outfit reminded me of Barbara Streisand. I could have sworn there was an outfit like this in one of her movies.
While I was sad over the ending, I really was happy because Lea sung Roots Before Branches by Room for Two, one of my favorite songs. Cory and Lea did a great job with this song.
I'm just finnished watching it and am balling, Rachel was one of my Fav characters and watching her leave is heart breaking and my current relationship reminds me of her and finn and to see them "splitting" makes me sooo sad, now all i can think about is bo, I dread the day we will splitt and i hope it never happens..but seeing to people(characters) like thwm split makes me think"what if".....:'(</3
it was heartwarming I love u lea glee will never be the same without u
omg i cried and cried uncontrolably!
crossing my fingers that Finn won't die in combat
O my god soooo sad we had a glee party thing and almost everyone cried it was sooooo sad but then she seemed happy in NYC but I was crying to much to stop crying
i hate finn now. i mean, its so hard to hate him. but you don't break up with a person on THE DAY OF THEIR WEDDING!
Cried sooo much. Gonna miss you forever in my heart. My amazing Rachel Berry..... Stay who you are forever and ever. Never forget the Glee Club. They made you who you are !!!!!
Cried:( I wish Finn didn't break up with Rachel:(
Kali E.
i remember that when you left  :(
hm rachel said she was gonna wait 4 finn nd kurt finn sent her is she sad w/out them or wht?
Lea u r awesome you have to be on the show next season or else I might have to stop watching it u ,Santana, Brittany, Finn, Mercedes, u guys have to be on the show try as hard as u can! Please My friends and I need you your like my idol your character is a role model! Please!!! ;) 
Hi it's Jacob Bridgets freind I love u I have song don't rain on my parade about 1 million times u are my idol!!!! Stay on the show p.s we had a party for the season finale and we all cried at the end I LOVE U - Jacob Northfield 
It was sooo sad I almost cried when Finn was chasing the train. It was so romantic! =D
I hate break up and makes my heart hurt!!
I wish there had been better ending songs. I was disappointed.
I love this picture it is perfect
SADDEST. THING. EVER. I watched it three times and cried each time.
I luved the season finale and I will miss Rachel so much
this was agreat episode and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD will miss you off of glee good luck in your future carerrs
This Was a great episode but made me cry What's gonna happen!!!
Lea you are so talented and I cant wait for the next season of glee :D
Iris TG
Is there going to be a next season?
i really hope rachel and finn get back together, they better show them next season
The season finale is toooo sad i cried my eyes out and i couldnt belevie how well u acted
this was the best episode you have acted in
but soooooooooooooooo sad!!!!!
Oh my gosh i so thought that Rachel and Finn were gonna get married they were so in love. Total let down, but I still love Glee!
yeah same she looks so pretty that style in the show was totally for her
I luved wen rachel made it 2 new york! Yay I ❤ Rachel!!!!!
I loved it sooooo much I was on the edge of my seat with excitement! 
I started crying i hope u n finn get married one day in the show and out!
i cried lea and i cant wait till next season
I thought it was sad
I CRIED EVERY TIME I WATCHED IT!! IT WAS SUCH A SAD ENDING please make guest aperiences  im begging im a huge fan x
huggest fan ever didnt expect the ending it was good it was just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in the 5 season did u and finn break up because my friend ashley wanted to know  :D
i liked it a lot, i waatched it like three times, everytime i watched it i cryed
i loved it my whole family went to bed in tears
I cried too!!!! I LOVE Glee. Me and my friend and her mum are MASSIVE FANS!!!!1
i could not stop crying will there ever be finn + rachel again plz let there bee they are so cute together
OMG! I literely cried! it was so sad. I was sad that it ended that way too! :-(
What's up for the season 4 ?
Finn going to the army was so sad!
sooo sad ur not on the show anymore :(
I really love watch glee and watch you sing...
I am really addicted to glee. One of my biggest dreams is someday meet you and meet all glee cast.
Sorry my write mistakes but I am portuguese and I don't know talk as well as you so...
Would mean so much to me if you answer me I know that is going to be hard because you have so much fans but I will never stop believing...
I loved it sooooo much!!! I couldn't stop crying!!
I was so happy when rachel got into to NYADA because Rachel is just so amazing and so are you lea 
I cried and my family was like....What in the world is wrong with you?!?
i thought so sad i was cryin the end was pretty sad :( and when you and finn omg it was so sad my eyes were red
it was sooooo sad but i loved it cant wait for next season!!!!!!
Can't wait till the next season!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3
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