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Always remember to be yourself and do what you believe in! :)
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i love lea michele i am from  brazil
I've always followed my dream of being a singer its gotton me so far that I won't give up and most people in my school say that you have to change youself to get that dream or your dream, but I don't listen to them because there wrong. I've been my self I've gotton 1st in all the talent shows I've been to.
i love you i watched you on glee every time it was on last year your pic on a poster is hanging in my room
Anna Za
Yepppp..Nice Words Lea :) 
i am wacthing the first season and ur so different! but still AWESOME!
love Lea, love glee!!!!!!!!!!xx
1) You look beautiful and 2) that is a really good piece of advice. Everyone should follow your wise words Michelle!
Thx lea!!!! Ur so inspiring!!! Ur my idol!! I hope one day I can meet u in person!!!! Ily lea!
definitely, trying to be someone your not is overrated 
Ironic, an actress telling people to be themselves.....that Lee, such a kidder.
i am the hugest fan ever!!!!!!
pray to God is the key to success always remember that.
I had to sing by myself at the Anzac day celebration at school in front of the whole school, and now people I don't even know come up to me and say "hi Bec!" or "hey, you're that chick that sings aren't you?" it's kinda weird. I just go, "sure thing mate."
I want to sing professionally when I'm older. Doing what I love everyday and getting paid for it is my ultimate dream. And sharing some hopefully awesome song with people.
Whoa! This is REALLY long! Hehehe☺
well done this helped me through a piano exam
WAW so waw love you with all my heart babe!! :)
Hmmm I love glee can't wait for season 4!!!!!!
No like I have over 20 pictures of him on my wall I know his b day siblings favorite color where he went to school where he grew up I no everything 
U really love him
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I love him on Glee
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you are a good advisop
i love you on glee your dating  Cory Monteith real cell phone number
yes i want your real cell phone number ok and one thing i wana say you are
a really good advisor
ok chat me if u want to talk. and God bless u.
HI, Lea How are you? I am from Nepal. wish to be your friend. if you like contact me at:
I totally agree !!! ;-)
I love this picture!  I have seen it all over the internet...
thanks for that lea A.K.A rachel the star!!!!
thanks for the advice lea.....literaly my whole life revolves around what rachel would do in my situation!!!! you look so pretty in that picture!!!!
She changes bangs and no bangs like every episode
i cried during this episode all the time
yes ! il love glee dont go away !
is there going to be another eson
Same here I started crying the first 5 minutes cause I knew that was that finally 
I have over 200 pictures on my wall 5 shirts a pair of sweatpants I can name over 250 songs they've done over 40 characters season 1 and 2 on DVD and volumes 4 5 6 7 and the warblers
i cryed my eyes out at my sisters graduation i just couldn't except the fact that she had to leave. the next few months were the hardest right  before she had to leave for college
When my sister graduated this year I'm going to miss her but I get her room!!!!!
wene are you going to do more sesones of glee please do
we have the same cap and gown. cool :) Congrats!
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