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Rachel Berry and the Glee-Maids!!
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i dont think rachel should get married,but you guys look so pretty in those dresses!!!!!! :)
my friends uncle directed bridesmaids
Oh my GOODNESS! They look AMAZING! The dresses are so BEAUTIFUL! The shoes don't go though.
You guys look awesome. I LOVE GLEE!!!
lol i dint get it why its every one in pink a one in white lol
its not because their is no one to kiss
i was just joking people do not kill me
u are are beatifull berenice just that i cannot read the post
I Loved Tht 1!! Cant Wait To See Wat Happens To Quinn I Hope Shes Alright !! u and her are my favs actually i love u all!!
ok i dont know what show u are talking about but i know there in a perfect show
sorry i don't know what ur saying!:-/
u people no one is saying anthing marry meeeeeeeeeeeee
Love it!!! That's so perfect...but Quinn. 
I wish they'd release the Glee-maids scene.
she got hit by a car..haha sorry spoiler alert! did u watch the last episode to the last season...haha now theres no need to watch cuz i just killed it ;)
when is that from? that may explain why quinn is not there.
I love your wedding dress. But I don't like the pink bridesmaid dresses.
that is so funny i love the movie.
hahaha!!!!! That's really funny!!! I love your expressions!!
New Glee on in 2 days, 13 hours, and 34 minutes! WOW I have no life :D
sooo funny
santana looks the best in the pink dress
can not wait for the new seasons.
oh that must be at rachels wedding that the photo was taken
i know why the producers did wht tey dis 2 quin cuz shes goin 2 college
When I first saw this picture I literally laughed so hard I fell off my bed... My mom walks in and said, "Were you thinking, watching, reading, or talking to your friends about GLEE again? You've formed an unhealthy obsession, what happens when the show's over?" My reply was to laugh hysterically and tell her it would never end... She shook her head and left muttering about how I turned crazy.
Love it :), but quinn was not there :(
so beutifull i like you i love you
What a great dress choice for all the ladies. They all look great!
I looove the movie bridesmaids!!
WHERES QUINN!!!!!?????!
Has anybody heard ANGELS singing?? Listen to Lea, Naya Amber & Jenna sing "Last time ever I saw your face" its on youtube, brilliant arangement, theyre voices match sooo well, & shows how good Jenna & Naya's voices are also. try not to cry!!
lol it's like the movie brides maids.... dont watch it kids!!!!
I no it look like the bridesmaides movie love u glee
omg i am like soooooo excited!!!! on youtube theres a interview of cory and he said were doing a photo shoot for our honeymoon i was like YESSS!!!!!! there getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arti J
WHERES QUINN? oh i forgot we don't know what happened to quinn but seriously what happened to quinn?
what should i say.......good
yey tommrow we see what happens and the wait is over
Bridesmaids comeback!
ugh!!!!! you ruin e verything i have missed like the last two eposodes
brittney is so much taller than the rest
lols.totally could pass for the real thing
Quinn was in the car actsadent!!!!:) du
haha reminds me of Brides Maids
she is in the car crash!! she doesn't go to the wedding
luv it glee maids instead of brides maids :-) is quinn dead well we'll find out tonight
They Don't look quite as sexy bare-legged
ya.... most people who watch glee did btw so did i it was a great episode... loovvveeeddd it
Love this pic and Brittana FTW!!!!!!!! and is it bad that i watch glee just for my love of santana's insults?
all the smart and hot glee girls together. fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol i get should totally have an episode of glee like bridesmaid
Love it!! I wish I could meet you all in real life!!!!
Poor Artie though..... He'll never have the chance 2 get out of that wheelchair.... But Quinn might!
teka u
Oi eu amo mt filme vc fazer gracia?
Oh My Goodness!!!! 257comments!! Thats still a lot
glee maids.... lol that sounds like the name of a juice box!
quinn's not in the picture, and why is sugar fillin in for her?
quinn is in a wheel chair so i think thats why but idk
lol guys its supposed to be like that movie "Bridesmaids" thats why its all pink
Omg I'm a huge fan of glee and 2 b following u right now is crazy u have no idea how happy I am right now
when is the wedding actually gonna happen?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!? i can't wait :)

Haha! That's so funny!!
That is hilarious! Love it. Love you. Love Glee!
hahahahaha love it i would see the midnight showing
Oh. My. Gosh. That just made my day!

I didn't recognize Brittany....
that movie would be hilarious because santana would yell at someone every week
Haha luv this pic it's my screen saver
I thought they didn't get married, but whatever, it looks  cute
soooo excited when finchel was getting married, but i'm glad they didnt get hitched, cuz it wsould have taken out some drama they could have added l8er, 4 example if they had gotten married, finn wouldnt have dropped rachel @ he traoin station 2 go 2 brodway.but it was so shocking when quinn got hit, i mean i watched it over and over again but it was still so shocking
if thats what your like on your wedding day......
poor quinn never did make did she
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