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The minute I read Rachel Berry, I felt such a connection to her. Her drive and passion for singing and performing – that's my therapy in life. It helps me learn who I am. Rachel's on that same journey.
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Inspiration is the energy that fuels our passion!
I think everyone has a personal story which could widen the entire heart with passion:)
i always related to rachel, which makes me love the character even more. :)
There's something wrong in your voice when you sing 'big girls dont cry'.. Why?
glee is like my life ever since i first saw it and that dress looks amazing on u!!!!!!!!
what r u gonna do for season 4 of glee? Just saying, Rachel is 100% my favorite character!
It's amazing Lea i really love Rachel. You do an amazing JOB! ♥
thats like the best job ever, doing something you love
!!! xxx
Lea+rachel=speciality!:D will u be in season 4 :(
I can't believe what happened in GLEE this week!!!
yeah, but Rachel could be a lill bit annoying sometimes especially in her quest for stardom. hope it isn't the same with Lea
i saw the last glee with my friend......when u sang for the niada audition we were nervous when u choked up we gasped and were about to cry "NO RACHEL!"
Si Zhou
u r amazing singing Cry! I was deeply moved!
the picture looks like the cover of a book you wrote or of an album
no offense but rachel berry irritates me on glee... she can be such a bitch sometimes...
gipt es eine racheal bery? lagzamman haufmen
i forgot that on tuesday was glee so i misses the graduation!!!!!:?
What's going to happen next in Glee?? Especially after Rachel messed up her audition. U play that role well!! I felt so bad for her!! :(
love glee total amazing wots next for rachel berry xx
i"ll be soo sad when glee is over i wont have my daily dose of rachel
I love Glee and I'm a huge fan of Rachel Berry,it will break my heart when a great show like this ends:-(
aaahhh! i just watched last weeks episode! i really hope u ( rachel) gets into Niada.
You have a terrific voice!!!!!! (just like Rachel Berry)!!
you are so amazing and your voice... increible!!!
You ladies could be sisters(the same look!). What do you think?
Same journey here!!i describe it as theropy too!!
What if everyone from glee did the same as that photo, except in different colors
Thanx Lea! That just made my day!
I love ur little Rachel Berry outfits!
luv rachel and u are awesome at playing her
you look so pretty in that dress and ur amazing at playing Rachel I LOVE YOU
dress like this more often u look so pretty in that cute dress
i feel the same way trying to figure out who i am thro performing and singing my feelings
♥_________________________♥ I love Rachel. I sing all the song that Rachel sings.
Learning " Don't Rain On My Parade" because of Rachel!
genious!!! kisses from Argentina! love ya ♥
Mari LF
so pretty xoxo.
is that pic from walkin on sunshine/halo
noo thats from reigonal 1st season
its funny how she always gets the solos and wen she doent she leaves glee club
Jess S.
you guys are SO alike
She belongs in hairspray!!! lol
the color is good yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllooooooooow
your my favorite character in glee bbecause you wont stop at anything, you are one the best singers in glee because your strong voice (mercadies and santana are the other best)
i bet u have taking a liking to what rachel berry likes
Glee had such a sad season finale, and you won't believe me when I say this but... I almost cryed!!!!! But that's What i love about that is that it leaves you hanging and wanting more. And i must say that show "The Glee Project" is so cool!! It give normal kids with amazing talents a chance to shine
Rachel Berry was annoying me so much
Omg great job on glee creep doing the good work
Anyone coudn´t be a bettter Rachel Berry than Ms Lea!!....One of the best Glee characters by far!
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