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Never stop believing.
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got that right lea! I <3 u! u r so inspiring!
Tessa K
you´ve got a really well voice!
ok miss sofia sosa so you how you feel if i tell you that's you?
because when you believe, theres a good chance it'll happen
yes she is and she is an AWESOME singer i love her character rachel and i love the drama on glee
why art yall makeing any more glee?
yeah just keep on believing that u can do it
i <3 glee :) lea youreyouse so cool and pretty ;) :D
lea michele hates mrs. anne crawford
she gettin money off the streets get it
You can never stop!!! I know you didn't!!
loooooooove the dress......I <3 U LEA!
Lea, U rock in this photo
So awesome! I love you lea!
I'm ur #1 fan!!!!!
Thank you, Lea. Even though you never knew, you have helped me reach notes i never thought i could hit.  My true passion for singing started with Glee. 
Olalaa,so beautiful photo.Natural beaty:)How are you?
wait...i thought it was "Don't Stop Believing"???
it is but she is giving inspirational thought to the song or just in generalKevin Muzikar
i will always believe u can count on me!!!
I cant picture u as lea.. in my mind u will always be rachel berry
i will never FYI you are my hero and i really want to become an actress any advice?
Don't stop believing it :-*
I Wont I Have A Dream And Im Not Gonna Stop Till Its Complete They Knock Me Down But All I Can Do Is Get Back Up Again, Dont Try If You Really Dont Want It But If You Really Want It Go For It Thts Wat Im Doing xx
can u awnser this do u have bangs in real life in glee u do then i c these pics im confused i love u lea and glee and FINCHEL
that is got to be one of the cutest dress it looks so good on you wish i could steal it and put it in my closet
you are so beautiful Lea i love u so much you are my inspiration..!!!:D
i will nvr stop believing. u taught me tht lea.
H Ch
Omg i love glee sooooo much and im soooo jelous of how pretty and talented u are!! I love singing amd acting! :P
I'll never stop !! My dream rules my life that's what i am fighting for everyday. ;)
i cant stop im always practicing my or relaxing my vocal cords for the big time
Zora S
Oh my goodness, I love this dress. So unbelievably much.
are you scared or something.........of the spotlight mabye?
i will never stop beliving and if i ever do ( wich is highly unlikly ) i will always belive in you lea !
yeah seriously, your amazing!!!!
dnt stop believing  hold on 2 that feel`n
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