Undercover and in the closet makes for a rather interesting book concept.
Amazing: this dude, who is 100% straight and even considered himself fairly homophobic, decides to come out as gay to everyone he knows, and live that way for a year so he can write a book about what his experience was like.

This part in particular blew my mind:

When I came out as gay, I was going into the closet as a straight man, and the repression and isolation I experienced was crushing. The combination of knowing I had to constantly hide my true attractions and orientation, with the reality that I couldn't even hope for the possibility of having a relationship, was overwhelming. And what I went through is NOTHING compared to the experience of the average gay and lesbian. They were never able to say "only 12 or eight or six more months of this before I get to be me again."

Wow. Brilliant.

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