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I've written some more thoughts on the state of politics today and consider a reality show solution. "The Tru(mp)man Show"

I often turn to Star Trek for inspiration and guidance because in this world of human future Gene Roddenberry envisioned us maturing past the infantile state we are in today.  Looking at the latest development in politics across the pond I remember one…

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Introducing a new word: Carnivalarian #carnivalarian #wotd #vegan #vegetarian

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine, who is a vegan, pointed out that the term “vegetarian” in its modern context is somewhat ill-fitting as it quite literally means “from vegetable origin” and that’s not really what people usually mean today. Granted…

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Since his inauguration Trump and his lingering shadow Pence have continued to show that things probably won’t settle down and get more presidential any time soon. At least not presidential in any sense fitting this, still young, millennium. The Trumpet…

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trumpencestance. Word of the day. Introducing a new word.

  trumpencestance noun | trum-pen(t)s-stan(t)s Defenition of TRUMPENCESTANCE : something that happens against reason and with great negative impact Full definition : A circumstance, due to a large number of unsuccessful fail-safes and against the best…

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Into the Woods (Movie, 2014)

Just finished* watching the movie Into the Woods and I thought I’d write something about the experience. I have long thought that it would be fun to write some thoughts on movies and other things I experience but so far haven’t gotten started. So why not…

Does anyone here know if there will be any missions / banners to commemorate the Star Wars Celebration being held in London ExCeL 15-17th of July? 

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It's high time for the European Union to step up and become a Union in the digital world too.
I’m launching a campaign to end geoblocking in the EU. Are you in?

Geoblocking is the most anachronistic, un-European, un-digital practice on the web. Digital barriers split up language communities along national borders and deprive cultural minorities, migrants, travelers and language learners alike of access to culture. On the flip side, they deprive artists and European startups of a large audience and customer base.

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Dear +Niantic Project,
About the scanner. Since it's a scanner, and not a satellite imaging view-port, wouldn't it make sense to keep the street layer information on top of the field layer? I, as I assume most agents do, use the scanner to navigate between portals, especially in a new area. Operating under/in a multilayer field blanks out the street information and makes the scanner impossible to use for navigation.

Please consider keeping the street/building information always visible as it will make the scanner better and more safe to use as a navigational tool in all circumstances.
(Sure this is mostly a convenience thing but it might also have agent-safety implications.)

While on the subject. Other scanner visualisations might be considered for an update to keep them more visible. Portal-visualisations might benefit from a tweak so they don't disappear in a field of the same faction-colour.

Thank you for your consideration.

+NIA Ops

(Just to be clear. I'm an L16 ENL agent and I'm using a green BAF to illustrate this issue so all the "You're just a big crybaby because you don't like being enveloped by [other faction]'s field"-comments could be avoided.)


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Dear +NIA Ops,
Isn't it time to remove the "Verified" "badge"?
I really think it have outlived its purpose.
And since many agents were left without one during the verification-process-problems but still manages to play along I think it's fair to say the scanner works without it.
It would also free up some nice real estate on the screen for medals/badges we've worked hard for.

Just a thought. :)

+Niantic Project

+Ingress +Niantic Project +NIA Ops
What to do if you haven't received the supporter kit tickets that you are supposed to print before the event and there's no reply after starting a support case about it?
Since it's for Madrid (pickup in less than 24 hours) time is of the essence.
Please advice. Agent standing by.

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