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Here's a fun fact: If you brush your teeth twice a day for two
minutes each time, you will brush your teeth
for about 24 hours each year, or 76 days over the
course of your life! All this brushing will use about
20 gallons of toothpaste. It's all worth it to keep your teeth healthy!

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A toothache is any pain associated within or around a tooth, that can lead to possible infection. The pains can be dull or sharp. If you're suffering from a toothache it's best to visit us as soon as you can to prevent any further damage.Learn more here:

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Did you know that smiling boosts your immune system? By making your body more relaxed and releasing endorphins, smiling really can improve your physical health and boost your mood!

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Afraid of the dentist? You're not alone! Many people suffer from fear of the dentist, but we are here to alleviate those fears. Discuss any concerns with us so that we can make you feel as comfortable as possible! Here's more info.

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Do you want your teeth and gums to be healthier? Maintaining a healthy mouth can take more effort than just skimming your toothbrush across your teeth once a day, and flossing once a week. Here is a list of easy dental care tips for you that will help you gain more confidence in your smile.

Find your crown here! We offer extensive knowledge and expertise with dental crowns. Call our office for an appointment today.

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We are happy to let you know that we are offering Fast Braces! Check out more info by visiting our website, or call us today.

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Think at-home kits or traditional in-office teeth whitening treatments are your only options? Ask us about the Kor Whitening System!

A dental crown can be used to replace a chipped or cracked tooth, but it can also be used when a cavity threatens the ongoing health of a tooth. Call us today to see if you can benefit from this versatile dentistry option.

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The power of a smile is bigger than a lot of people fully comprehend. The influence of not feeling good about your smile can have a negative effect on many aspects of your life. Learn more in our latest blog!
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